What happens when you die…?

What happens when you die? The question looks right at you when a loved one passes away. What do they feel, if anything? Are they lonely? Is there an answer — or answers? Or nothing at all? Experience tells us we know more than we realize.

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Who was Carter Burden?

Who was Carter Burden and why does it matter today?

Who was Carter Burden? A view of his legacy, twenty year after his death.
Carter Burden left a legacy of senior centers around New York City.

If you live in New York City, especially if you’re over sixty, you might expect the question to be what is, not who was Carter Burden? Getting to know Carter Burden, the man, not the nonprofit that bears his name, will surprise you.

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Donald Trump trips up on history in 4th of July speech, mentions airports during Revolutionary War

Donald Trump read most of his speech from a prepared text, but stumbled on his history by talking about airplanes during the American Revolution.
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So, our founding fathers really were ahead of their time. Unless Trump is wrong… And that couldn’t be, could it?