This installment, …And Night is the second in the final section of my book, A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World’s Happiest Man. It’s concerned with the strange, maybe imaginary, border between our internal and external realities. A Million Different Things: …And Night, Meditation #2 It’s possible, then, thatContinue Reading


Going Home: Illusions About Reality Igor Stravinsky insisted that music was not about anything but music. Beethoven, imitating sounds he heard during walks in the Vienna woods, and Mozart, mimicking birdsong, disagree. But if music means something, it’s something more. Otherwise, why did evolution add it, even if only asContinue Reading

Up, Out or Beyond Evolution For most of us, a realization that there may be no God and that the whole shebang we’re living is a meaningless hodgepodge is as demoralizing as anything else percolating through the shrouds in those lost hours between midnight and dawn.

Was It Evolution? What’s next for evolution when a community conquers the challenges hovering around and lurking inside, the great mass of them anyway? It weakens. It must, just as river slows when it’s banks are breached or an athlete drops out of training after the season ends.