The interesting thing about handmade cat cards from Deborah Julian’s workshop is their originality, as they combine the old tradition of fine art and the newer, popular strain of cat art. Both of the cat cards we’ll look at here originated as cat prints before being adapted as handmade cards.

Handle with Care, handmade cat card by Deborah Julian

Cat Cards Inspired by Famous Artists: Pierre Bonnard.

The first is cat art rich with colors and a setting, both characteristic of paintings by Pierre Bonnard. In After Lunch With Pierre Bonnard, Deborah Julian imagines two house cats appreciating the dining room after all the humans have left.

Dogs and cats are not uncommon in the scenes Bonnard painted from his family’s country home.

A devoted post-impressionist until his death, he frequently took photographs to work from, instead of  working with sketches or painting directly from life.

The net result was painting extraordinarily rich in detail and saturated with colors.

Deborah Julian has another cat print inspired by Bonnard: Bathers from Famous Artists Cats.

More Cat Cards Inspired by Famous Artists: Edward Hopper

Although a great admirer who has studied his artwork extensively, Deborah Julian took her time before creating her first cat print based on Edward Hopper.

Cats In Edward Hopper’s Window recreates a familiar scene from Hoppers urban art. His paintings were carefully crafted to resemble realistic settings while actually be adventures in surreal expressionism.

Having been through many exhibit that featured or included paintings by Hopper, I’ve never seen a cat, and there is no reason to think he especially liked cats.

People writing about him tend to gloss over his moodiness and the distance he kept from people.

Even his wife Jo, his frequent model who was largely responsible for his commercial success, had this to say about him: “Sometimes talking to Eddie is just like dropping a stone in a well, except that it doesn’t thump when it hits bottom.

Never the less, as you can see, as long as he had some good windows to look at, the cats are willing to populate them anyway.

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