Lunch With Bonnard's Cats
Lunch with Pierre Bonnard’s Cats

Among cat art prints, Deborah Julian’s new After Lunch With Pierre Bonnard is among the most artful and elegant.

Lunch is finished, and the grownups have left the room.

Sam takes a place at the head of the table to beginning answering his curiosity by sniffing and looking around.

This may be a prelude to his jumping up on the table as soon as he is sure no one in the household will catch him.

Billy, a black cat, has taken a position at the window. He seems intent on watching the goings on in Pierre Bonnard’s back yard.

This a slice of life from a cat’s life, never quite like this when people are around.

Pierre Bonnard’s cats also like the bathroom….

In addition to her cats, Deborah Julian has shown her understand and respect for Bonnard’s artwork by retaining the rich, expressive colors especially common in his later paintings.

To see more about this and other cat art prints by this artist, check out her website: Deborah Julian Art.


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