Sunrise at HubPages as Squidoo Falls Away

As I hoped, my 350 Squidoo articles were rescued this week from the Seth Godin’s sinking ship. After putting up with Squidoo’s missing to altogether absent tech support for a few years, seeing how smoothly HubPages swept and converted an ocean of new content, almost without a hiccup, was impressive.

Although the deal was in place many weeks before Godin made his carefully worded announcement that he was doing writers a favor by selling access to their work, without sharing a dime, HubPages technical prowess still stands head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen on any writers site on the web.

Rather than go through the gruesome details again, here are some links to articles spurred by the anger of Squidoo writers like me about being commoditized by Seth Godin.

Squidoo Ghost Town quickly became on the the most popular Seekyt articles in history.

On InfoBarrel, I summed up the case against Godin, legally and ethically: Should Seth Godin Be Investigated?

And I did a pair of articles on HubPages to comment on the change and set it in history: Goodbye Squidoo, Hello Again HubPages and Squidoo for HubPages

Responses were mostly supported, but some people, the right people, got pissed. Over on a Facebook Group I once helped administer, The Writer’s Door (formerly Squidoo Positivity), one clever ex-friend has engineered what is essentially a Seth Godin and Squidoo HQ Team fan page, after I left, singing Al Kooper’s You Never Really Know Who Your Friends Are¬†on my way out.

Al Kooper – You Never Really Know Who Your Friends Are
So, as of today, I got to quit logging in to Squidoo early to see what my Amazon sales were and later on to see how I was doing on lens rank. I thought I’d miss it, but by now, soured by the way the platform was killed, the captain running off with the treasury, yelling over his shoulder about how he was doing us a favor, it was just a bad habit I felt good about breaking.


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