Billy’s Life, Challenges of a Black Cat Senior Citizen

I wouldn’t be writing this post if my sweet little buddy Billy wasn’t doing well, but since so many people have enjoyed seeing him in my wife’s cat art, including all of you kind enough to buy,

I wanted to take a minute to bring you up to date.

Billy did great, although he’s always had a heart murmur, until he was over fourteen. Then, a combination of poor quality vet care and bad luck, he ran into a series of challenges.

We were lucky, in a way, that poor vet care led us to an emergency visit to the Animal Medical Center here in New York. There care, I’m convinced, has added not just years to his life, but good years. Not only that, the well-trained staff handles we pet guardians as well as our pets.

From our first visit, it’s been amazing how clearly and carefully they explain everything and consider options. And of great interest to those of us without unlimited budgets, the costs of care with them, more effective care, that is, is less than what we experienced with private vets.

Anyway, after two plus years of emergency visits, check ups and two surgeries, we are thrilled to have our noisy, demanding black cat curled in blissful slumber in our bathroom sink again.

Soon, all his hair will have grown back, and he will resume his regular duty as my personal alarm clock.

The lesson in all this, the takeaway, apart from learning that the gap in quality of veterinary care is vast, is how incredibly resilient a cat can be. Billy has gone from harrowingly thin and miserable to regaining weight and demanding to be heard around the house.

It’s been a miracle of nature, if it weren’t so routine.

David Stone
Deborah Julian Art


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