Poem: …tremendous lie of sleep…

Was Cummings right?
Is it a lie untethering the common lie
tossing us like formless energy
into timeless space

where everything happens at once?

Among the insane features of sleep, did we
again stand together in
intimacy, and if not,
how did we know each other
before we met?

Did we in that moment walk hand-in-hand
along some shit-scarred medieval lane,
raw rush of life like fumes
in days where awareness quickened?

Did we share a safe nook in the rocks
up in the cliffs, where we ran
to escape the devastation
of savages from the north, and later,
did we find our way to a friendly colony
after days of wicked, untamed meadow,
our legs scraped and burning?

Were we brother and sister,
brother and brother, Mom and
Dad and our own offspring?
Did we share so much history
in a moment that never stopped?

Could sleep be so cruel it freed us
from withering, dithering time
and us like amateurs, fumbling
and bumbling with ignorance
we couldn’t identify?

Were we once on horses together
and we were ourselves champions
of some momentary contest
we believed consequential

only to be returned again to screwy streets
and times not so good as the rich past
always leaking time, leaking life
to become such intimate bumblers
after so many centuries together?

“One pierced moment, whiter than the rest…”
Is that the legacy, the one thing left?
As we wander in this agonized infancy,
knowing how hopelessly

might we know so little?

David Stone
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Sadly, Wayne Dyer Hooks Up with Esther Hicks

There was a sorry moment when I realized that my one-time hero, Wayne Dyer, had gotten to a place where he’d do just about anything that Reid Tracy, the CEO at his publisher, Hay House, asked him to do.

This once inspiring writer and teacher, at Tracy’s request, might compete in hot dog eating contests or perform at the rodeo, for example.

Then, it got worse. He climbed up on stage and starting mouthing platitudes in support of Esther Hicks, Hay House’s one moneymaking giant, now fading, her channeled entity, Abraham, no longer up to writing books for them.

Something new: Jerry and Esther Hicks’ Spiritual Money Tree: Stories Behind the Abraham-Hicks Teachings and the Law of Attraction

Wayne Dyer Chats Up Abraham (Esther Hicks) for Hay House

It wasn’t that bad, I guess, when Dyer put his stamp of approval on the weird claims of Gary Renard in The Disappearance of the Universe, but it was a defining moment in his credibility. Renard, for the unenlightened, wrote a book about two of Jesus’s disciples coming back to visit and share mysteries from their experiences as his followers.

Strangely, these mysteries had been the public fodder of biblical scholars for decades. Since all were well-known, why did the messiah’s disciples need to come back and tell Renard about them. No problem for Wayne Dyer. Buy this book, he said in an email blast organized by Hay House. I did, and I never trusted him the same way again.

Like a faithful pony in the Hay House corral, Dyer exploited his regular platform on PBS to promote, as factual, the sensational claims of Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton. So much for PBS’s credibility too. Don’t they have a fact checker?

But few things are as bizarre and obsequious as his pairing up with Esther Hicks (or the alleged channeled entity, Abraham, in favor of whom she departed for the session, if you prefer.) Two years after Jerry Hicks died and Esther, for reasons you can guess for yourself, failed to complete the pair’s Hay House book contract, Dyer showed up on stage with Esther/Abraham at one of Hay House’s sponsored new age forums.

Co-creating at Its Best is the result. Sold previously as a DVD of the “conversation between master teachers,” it’s now being parlayed as a book, too.

The book, printed with huge typeface to fill it out and padded with fluff to help make its repetitious content seem worthy of its $11.99 list price, struggled to sell and was being offered at a huge discount during the peak Christmas buying season it was aimed at.

The DVD of this session, all 2 hours and 45 minutes of it, listed at $19.99. It sells now, new, at less than half that.

In spite of heavy review stuffing on Amazon that both Hay House and Abraham-Hicks have been accused of, it seems a good bit of the world has wised up.

I previously wrote about Dyer’s half-good/half-dreadful spiritual autobiography, I Can See Clearly Now, (see the review here) and although it was depressing to see this wise man lose touch in a wash of spiritual mishmash, it’s worse seeing him falling all the way to the level of Abraham-Hicks.

Thank you, Hay House, for taking a good man down.

David Stone
You can find all my books on my Amazon Author Page.