Take Grant’s Union Army, for example, lumbering south through Virginia trampling everything good and decent after Robert E. Lee’s magnificent killing machine On a graceless monster rocks an alcoholic head discarding the killed and wounded no better than waste from a rock concert scars that grow over, young trees comingContinue Reading


It’s not world peace not even the end of hunger It isn’t fairness, respect or inspiration A search for words futile as perfect love,  a tune heard early then lost among songs It isn’t even brotherhood Tuning fork you are the search for perfect pitch harmonies lifting within a symphonyContinue Reading

As you probably already know, aromatherapies regularly help people simply and naturally. Essential plant oils and aromatic compounds calm us, help us think better or help us feel well.But what about aromatherapies for our cats and dogs?It’s not so easy because many of the oils used by us are poisonousContinue Reading