You Look in the Mirror and See Ulysses S. Grant

Take Grant’s Union Army, for example,

lumbering south through Virginia

trampling everything good and decent

after Robert E. Lee’s

magnificent killing machine

On a graceless monster rocks an alcoholic head

discarding the killed and wounded

no better than waste from a rock concert

scars that grow over, young trees coming

grass fed with bloody nutrients

rain and wind massage the brutal ground

Like Grant’s murdering army, we

leave char from supper fires

bottle caps, strips of fabric,

lies and mysteries, loved pets

temporary governments and brothers

spontaneous in battle.

Detritus spilled like dry milk,

some lost in battle, some in excess

rusted and dirtied, even some pure,

all fall behind us as from a leaky truck

with an insane agenda for what’s discarded

sloppy and hurt by inadequate consideration

Archeologists learn nothing from examining

the dross of our passing stages, 

dross once gold, dross once on fire

You look at it

like the vast universes of useless DNA

unable to decipher the lost language

of so singular a life as yours.

As each of us treks southward

driven by passion, commitment 

or the absence of something else to do

the debris trail of wasted condoms

diplomas, truth, beliefs, power,

lives and deaths partly digested,

books and movies, lost hours,

people loved and injured, our

autobiography dying with us,

as each of us moves along,

with or without grace,

we lose so much

we lose so many

Fresh ideas murder resistance

We can thank evolution,

personal and un-private

for our hopelessly messy 

unintentional diaries, written

in parallax from where

we expected to go


Tuning Fork

It’s not world peace
not even the end of hunger
It isn’t fairness, respect
or inspiration
A search for words
futile as perfect love, 
a tune heard early
then lost among songs
It isn’t even brotherhood
Tuning fork you are
the search for perfect pitch
harmonies lifting
within a symphony
more dense than Turangalîla
In the careful curve of time
something wants to bend
just so, to curl
around the note
and lift the endless music

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Aromatherapy for Cats and Dogs?

As you probably already know, aromatherapies regularly help people simply and naturally. Essential plant oils and aromatic compounds calm us, help us think better or help us feel well.

But what about aromatherapies for our cats and dogs?

It’s not so easy because many of the oils used by us are poisonous for our pets. But thanks to cat expert (My Cat from Hell) Jackson Galaxy and Dr. Jean Hofve, we have an answer.

Galaxy has teamed up with Hofve to promote formulas she developed that depend on harmless floral essences to provide for our cats and dogs aromatherapy style relief.

We learned about this when our senior cat, Billy developed physical problems related to age. He’s nearly seventeen now, and we want to keep him healthy and, just as important, happy as much as we can for however long we are lucky to have him with us.

So, trusting Jackson Galaxy, we decided to try dealing with his anxiety (originally caused by months of loud nearby building construction), a frequently upset tummy and (for our sanity) his preference for trying to convert us to night owls like himself.

All I can say is, these products from Jackson Galaxy and Jean Hofve have helped us and him into a nice, settled space. Things would be much more difficult for him and us without them.

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