Cat Prints with Sayings, Mirth and Wisdom

Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair In It Print / Deborah Julian Art
When you set out to write about cat prints with sayings, it makes sense to start out with humor, don’t you think? Among the many things cats have given us over the years – love, companionship, aggravation – humor seems the most prevalent. Any waltz through Pinterest will prove that, although insightful slogans and observations – this cat is wiser than thou points of view – give them a run for their money.

Does Everything Taste Better with Cat Hair In It?

Sammy, pictured above, thinks so. 
Hasn’t everyone who lives with a cat or cats had that moment when they turn around to discover that a cat has decided to join them for a meal, uninvited? In time, you come to understand that your best efforts will not keep cat hair out of everything anymore than a blanket can keep sand from getting into your hair on the beach. 
I like this print because Deborah
takes a tender approach to the problem. The look on Sammy’s face is that of a treasured friend who is not afraid. He will learn not to jump in the butter. It may take a hundred attempts, but once a cat understands whose in charge, he or she will learn faster. Getting the cat to admit that someone else is the boss is the real problem.
Most cats, you find, think their human companions are nice but not too bright. Convincing them that, regardless, you are in charge takes patience and time. And bribery.
This is an artfully designed composition that works well without the joke.  Also popular as a cat greeting card
One last note, you will see the saying in the cat mug on the table.
I bought it as a gift, long before this cat art print was created, from one of our favorite Etsy artists, Lorrie Vescey. 

A Gentle Reminder: Handle with Care

Handle with Care takes it’s style from the art of collage and its message from learning about life from cats.
This cat art print started out with George doing what he always does. He jumps into boxes with the least caution. He does the same thing with plastic bags. Something about the open top fills his brain with a need to get inside and discover the contents. This can be amusing, especially when the contents are groceries, forcing him to root around among fruits and vegetables trying to find something that smells edible to a cat. 
Fortunately for George, there is spinach, a big favorite. Nobody knows why.
But this time, it as a sturdy box set aside for packing. His submarine commander approach, peaking out just over the surface to observe his surroundings set him up as model for an important message: Handle wit Care.
You can take this as a message about treating cats, dogs and other animal friends thoughtfully, but I always thought it went further, as a friendship quote or even as a way of making up between feuding parties.
It does a good job as a daily reminder, too, on a cat refrigerator magnet, and on the right occasion, as a cat greeting card.


Another Lesson from Cats About Friendship

My favorite thing about this print is that all three cats get involved. You may notice that George’s “up periscope” look is repurposed to show him teasing Sammy and Billy by peaking out of a drawer. Sammy reaches down after him. Maybe he wants to challenge for this coveted spot. And Billy seems to be considering the angle of a jump necessary to join George inside.
Playing with abandon among friends sets your heart free. As rough as tumble as our cats get sometimes, we’ve seen how play results in more intimate contact later on. It’s as if learning to trust through play opens them up for cuddling and mutual grooming. 
I’m not so sure about the grooming part, but I’m pretty sure the cuddling part works for humans.

A Woman Can Tell, Relying on the Cat Scan

For my last example, I chose one that gets a lot of discussion. There is a competitor: You Can Tell a Lot About a Man by How His Cat Feels About Him
. Shown together, they start debates.
One weekend at a street fair in New York City, Deborah put the “You Can Tell…” print up for sale. It has a track record of bringing customers in because it makes them smile, but also because there are so few nice pieces of cat art about men and cats. But this time, there was a different reaction.
Looking at the print, a woman said, “No, it should be her cat.” Maybe.
Since then and the creation of this alternative version, we’ve come to realize that many women find the cat scan a reliable gauge for seeing the truth about a man. Her cat knows.
I’m not so sure. My experience with cats tells me that their unerring instinct is to instantly approve anyone who likes cats. That, they sense quickly. But in a situation where a third party is introduced, I think a good number of clever (manipulative?) cats might see the stranger as threat to the time and attention he or she has arranged.
What if this man, for example, expects to sleep in the cats favorite chair? What if he makes her leave home for extended periods – God forbid, periods long enough to require a cat sitter? 
I happen to love this cat art print because of the design, the rush of my favorite blue and the Matisse-inspired cutouts, but most of all, I love because of the concentrated look on Billy’s face. A calm cat can sometimes seem to look straight through you.

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