Black Cat In Monet’s Garden When Claude Monet moved to Giverny in 1883, he was 43 years old and a recent widower with two children. His life, once so difficult he attempted suicide, impoverished and unrecognized, was beginning to turn around as he painted what would later be recognized asContinue Reading


Pablo Picasso’s Cat Before a Mirror You could have an interesting time and very likely get lost if you took a hike through the mind of Pablo Picasso. No guarantee the experience would be pleasant; in fact, you could probably take for granted that mostly it wouldn’t be. Picasso wasContinue Reading

Messing Around in the Office (Edouard Vuillard) Visual artists have a knack for inventing new words to put their work in context. It’s as if their creativity spills over into the regular world where you and I live. Edouard Vuillard, for example, lived in a particularly ripe time that includedContinue Reading

Street photography takes a different turn when you’re talking about Venice, the historic city of canals and small bridges. A street might be all water or an alley without meters or traffic lights.