When Cats Discover Matisse Goldfish The most popular chapter in Famous Artists’ Cats: The Book is Henri Matisse Goldfish (with Cats). Hardly a day goes by when one or more pinners don’t click the heart button and repin it on one their own boards. Inspired by Matisse’s Interior with GoldfishContinue Reading


To the Contrary, Edgar Degas The thing about Edgar Degas is that, except for his art, he did just about everything wrong. Even when not wrong, he was difficult and contrary.  Even his one time friend and colleague while breaking down the traditional barriers in art, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, said, “WhatContinue Reading

The Cats in Paul Cézanne’s Apple Basket Buy it now: Famous Artists’ Cats: The Book One way to look at Paul Cézanne’s career is to consider it as what happens when one of the most brilliant visually creative minds gets to work without worrying about money.  Cézanne’s father was aContinue Reading

Why You Can(’t) See Rene Magritte’s Cat Get your copy now: Famous Artists’s Cats: The Book Walking into a room of Rene Magritte’s paintings is like entering a workout gymnasium for your brain. Nothing expected happens with Rene Magritte, even when you expect the unexpected. One of his most famousContinue Reading

Grooming Lesson (Pierre Bonnard) (Excerpt from Famous Artists Cats: The Book by Deborah Julian & David Stone) I’ve been a Pierre Bonnard fan from the day I first saw his paintings. For me, many of his pictures are as beautiful as anything Monet did, as original as Picasso and as playfulContinue Reading