Having It All, Having Nothing   Maggie was waiting at home. I had to bring her car back soon.    She’d accepted responsibility for driving me to the bus station, the dumpy, neglected art deco place that still lit its Greyhound sign over Main Street, awaiting the catastrophe of urbanContinue Reading

stories from the end of the world

Things I Learned While Insane   I guess I’d better clarify where I was coming from and clear up the mystery of why it wasn’t necessarily insanity that made me start thinking about marriage again, this time to Charlie. It might have been, sure, but I repeat, not necessarily.   

Paris! Paris is a sample chapter: Travels with George: Paris, an illustrated book told by a cat about smuggle his way to Paris and touring the sites. Author: David StoneIllustrations: Deborah Julian “This is funny,” he says, flipping the pages of a book he has open in his lap. Travels withContinue Reading