I remember everything…


I remember everything

promise, vow, commitment, engagement

Name it

Kept every one, no exceptions

Afloat in mild night air, seventeen

I knew I’d love her for all my life

Can still feel the joy

of my heart swelling, filling my body

Nothing prepares you for a first love

Heaven opens its gates, invites you in

God fuses hearts, never to be sundered

hands feeling, feet off the ground

I never betrayed the promise

ten years later, her at the door

flash switch in a dream within a dream

In love before a word was spoken

a smile stays with me forever

Rockies break the western horizon

False clouds turn hard and high

My country and all that

purple mountains hogwash

spiked my veins

Imagined comes true

The child, new life before dawn

weightless in my arms

damp human warmth

leaves me for another love

Sworn to last, turned to hate

But I remember and honor every promise

every vow in the night, never in vain

until the universe shifts

and you’re talking to a world

where no one hears

Every mountain built on shifting sands

Time betrays us all

makes liars of the most faithful

as everything changes, shifting

rinsing and washing and leaving

us with lonely intent

willing to be faked out again

by the frauds of history

shifting sands and all

But true


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