When Esther Hicks Turned Mean

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Following is free chapter from An Abraham Hicks Digest: Skeptic’s Notebook

Inexplicably at the time, just months before Jerry shocked the universe of Abraham-Hicks with an announcement of his undergoing chemotherapy, Esther showed another face of Abraham, an impossible face, mean, disparaging and angry. Was there a connection?

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Abraham Hicks Is Dead

Abraham Hicks is Dead is an excerpt from An Abraham Hicks Digest
Note: I was wrong about this one, written during the painful summer interval following disclosure of Jerry Hicks cancer. The roof seemed to be falling in, but Esther finally got the roadshow going again after Jerry’s death, although the promised series of books died with him.

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Jerry Hicks Bio, A Too Short Story

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A colorful figure, Jerry Hicks certainly had an interesting history before meeting Esther. But even though he claimed all sorts of achievements, from trapeze artist to successful entrepreneur, it was nearly impossible to find evidence of his existence before the 1990s when he shows up as an Amway seller in the company of wife # 4, Trish.

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Why Do We Evolve? Part I

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Our emotional, sensual response to the sight and smell of a flower encourages us to take one step after another until we reach the source. Not unlike other investigating creatures, we smell and touch it. Minutes have not ticked off any genuine clock. We haven’t floated on any stream. Time is our nut, and ours is the practical art of infinity and everything in it.

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