Jerry Hicks Bio, A Too Short Story

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A colorful figure, Jerry Hicks certainly had an interesting history before meeting Esther. But even though he claimed all sorts of achievements, from trapeze artist to successful entrepreneur, it was nearly impossible to find evidence of his existence before the 1990s when he shows up as an Amway seller in the company of wife # 4, Trish.

Jerry Hicks Bio, A Too Short Story is an excerpt from An Abraham Hicks Digest

Jerry Hicks, the man who failed to scuttle The Secret and also failed in a trademark claim on the “law of attraction,” but scored as the most prolific spiritual marketer ever, has a mysteriously spotty personal history. More than spots, what his biography has are gaps, some decades wide. Will we ever know what’s hidden and why?

Jerry Hicks or Jerry Hickson?

The questions that unlock this secret may really be: who was Jerry Hicks and how did he spend sixty years, hardly leaving a trace, before wrecking Esther’s marriage to Richard and riding her and the law of attraction to riches on Abraham’s back?

In all the fuss over Jerry Hicks’ death from leukemia and the leading edge marketing of his illness, the story of his life seems to have gotten even more lost. Check that. It’s been lost for a long time, probably deliberately, but why?

Here’s what we don’t know about Jerry Hicks:

What was his real name? Before latching onto the law of attraction as a vehicle for fame and fortune, he used at least one other name, Jerry Hickson, according to him, while performing as a folk artist. Has his past’s astonishing invisibility been enabled by using other names?

When did he learn about the law of attraction? He claimed ignorance of its origins, even after using the phrase and associated buzz words in use for almost a century, when pursuing his doomed trademark claim. So, what the heck made him think he could get away with that?

What did he do before meeting Esther, marketing the law of attraction and launching Abraham? According to the Abraham-Hicks website, strangely the only place on Earth not yet aware of his death, “Jerry’s life reads like a celebrity bio: circus performer, juggler, boxer, singer, gymnast, radio show host, comedian, millionaire entrepreneur.” So, how come nobody can find any record of any of these activities? Jerry answered a journalist’s challenge once by claiming Rip Taylor as one celebrity — he was at the time — with whom he’d worked in his entertainer career. Rip Taylor said he’d never heard of Jerry Hicks, “and I remember everyone.” Not by that name, anyway.

Jerry Hicks claimed he worked as an acrobat in Cuba. Spiritually, his gymnastics were legendary all over the place. As a circus performer, we can give him that too, especially if we’re talking about something more like a carnival act, prestidigitation, etc. Abraham-Hicks skeptic, Kyra, was done impressive research on his and Esther’s deft performances. But if he was a “millionaire entrepreneur,” as the website claims, why were he, Esther and Tracy living in a rented apartment in Fresno when, as the myth has it, Abraham seized Esther’s voice, mind and hands? Did Abraham show them the secret of the law of attraction to lift them out of the dreaded middle class? Why would they need the spooky, pompous entities if Jerry was already such an entrepreneurial blockbuster?

How old was he? Really. He confessed to 87, but knowledgeable sources suggest he shaved a few years off, roughly five. Did those five years vanish with the rest of his biography? More important, has anyone seen a birth certificate? A death certificate or a public obituary mind shed some light on the secrets too.

What happened to his first four (admitted) wives and the fiancee he ditched to land Esther as wife number five? Why don’t any of them ever come out of the closet and talk about him? He makes no bones about calling them tumultuous and dead end relationships, but what makes them shut up, disappear or both? You might wonder, where are the skeletons hidden?

Were his children “dead end relationships” too? (Tracy’s father was Esther’s previous husband, Richard. Jerry had at least two more out there that didn’t pass the law of attraction test or get mentioned publicly.) How come they’re not talking, pro or con, about Dad? Aren’t they miffed at not being told “the secret” and sharing the riches?

In what sounds like a low end soap opera, Jerry hooked up with Esther after divorcing Trish and getting engaged to someone else while she was still married and living with Richard and Tracy. What was going on before that? From what we know of the sketchy details of his life with Trish, he enjoyed the benefits of a robust Amway operation (inherited from her family) but that doesn’t explain the claim of “building a multi-million-dollar business operation engaging over 100,00 people.” Surely he wasn’t claiming to have built Amway, although it’s not much more far-fetched than the one about Abraham’s hijacking his wife. He and Trish were in an upper tier at Amway, but not the top. So, was that just a clever use of words? What does “engaging” mean to Jerry? Or is there really some giant enterprise out there which he secretly built and nobody knows anything about? What happened to it, and how did his improvised family end up in a rented apartment in Fresno?

That’s not all we don’t know, but you get the picture. Jerry’s history before Esther, the law of Attraction and Abraham is obscured by something. Maybe we don’t know his real name, and maybe there were others he used. In any case, it isn’t easy to expunge six decades of public records, including marriages and the births of children. The task would have been too large. The facts are there, but hidden behind some simpler gimmick.

I think the Jerry trail leads down a road of other identities and multiple names. I’m guessing, but how else do you wipe out all but twenty-five years of a ninety year lifespan?

What Do We Know About Jerry Hicks?

Not as much as you think. Even the segments of his life with Esther, before Abraham-Hicks, the law of attraction, The Secret and after are muddy with misleading information, suggesting someone with a gift for mounting false facades.

Jerry met Esther while she worked at his wife’s bookkeeper. Whether the relationship took seed while Esther still worked for Trish or after the divorce, we really don’t know. What we do know is that Esther’s husband discovered their affair when he found her car parked in a motel lot. Jerry was engaged to wife-to-be #5 at the time, which probably explains why they had nestle in a motel instead of his bachelor pad.

Of course, neither Esther or Jerry tell this story, but it’s out there and confirmed. Their only explanation is that Jerry had dead-end relationships and Richard was “controlling.” His controlling nature probably objected to her sleeping around. We don’t know if Jerry’s fiancee #5 became “dead end” before or after he hooked up with Esther. Maybe this most recent dead end will speak up some day.

Two years into the marriage, after researching Seth, an entity much like Abraham, although vastly more complex, channeled by the late Jane Roberts, and after taking a session with Sheila Gillette and her channelled entity, Theo, Abraham seized Esther and made them rich, as the story is told.

You won’t be shocked to learn that Abraham had a lot of features in common with Seth, Theo, Jane and Sheila. Abraham was in the spirit world and happened to choose Esther, just as Seth chose Jane and Theo chose Sheila, to be the vessel of “infinite wisdom” from teachers whose only interest was in helping “limited humans.”

At great sacrifice to themselves, as many Abraham-Hicks followers insist, Jerry and Esther followed these examples in selling that wisdom in private sessions and public appearances.

According to the Abraham-Hicks website, “These two fun-loving adventure-seekers are currently breathing in huge lungfuls of joy as they figure-eight across the United States in their rock star monster bus, following the good weather, meeting friends along the way and enabling as many people as possible to visit with Abraham.”

Phew! Talk about sacrifice!

We don’t know the details about how Esther and Jerry gave birth to Abraham, maybe that’s a secret too, even though we do have an incoherent story they published that no one with a mental age over ten could except, unless they were delusional already.

It went from intimate performances for friends, Esther and Jerry claim, although not one of those friends stepped up to verify them, and grew into crowd-pleasing live audience performances.

Jerry rolled along on his wife’s Abraham gig, writing books and editing transcripts for sale to followers not fortunate or wealthy enough to be in attendance. They even thoughtfully set up subscriptions for those in need of hearing “the teachings of Abraham” on a regular basis on tape.

Because the invention of Abraham bonded them like asymmetrical Siamese twins from different mothers, there were never two separate people living their own lives after The Secret, inspired by an Abraham-Hicks workshop. They were together 24X7, in their monster bus or in one of their plush residences. This shielded Jerry even further.

Until Death Did Them Part, The Law Of Attraction Malfunctions

Given the circumstances surrounding the last year of Jerry’s life, it seems that the end will be surrounded by as much diversion and misdirection as were his early years.

The little we know about Jerry’s life suggests he had a relentless tendency to con. Even when inclined to talk straight, he was hushed by Esther, as we saw when they agreed to sit for an interview when eager to break into new territory overseas. They never did that again, risking only controlled “interviews” on YouTube and with the awestruck and undiscerning Oprah Winfrey.

The public portion of Jerry Hicks’s glide down to the end was launched with an email blast, carrying his signature, that strained to put a spider bite as the cause of his having begun “heavy chemotherapy.”

Esther later claimed, without opening the door to a rebuttal, that everyone understood “heavy chemotherapy” meant cancer. Not so.

Comments on Abraham-Hicks forums at the time argued angrily that cancer was not the cause for Jerry’s hospitalization. One explained that taking aspirin was a form of chemotherapy. True believers were allowed to hang onto the hope that Jerry’s cancer and his immediate choice of conventional medicine didn’t mean what it appeared to mean: even Jerry and Esther knew that the teachings of Abraham were dangerous nonsense when it came to health and death.

How, many wondered, did the law of attraction come to deliver Jerry Hicks an incurable leukemia? Why did he seek such a death through his “vibration” and thoughts? Esther was mute on the subject.

As disturbing as all this was to the Abraham-Hicks camp, it exposed one more secret.

Certainly inadvertent was the exposure in Jerry’s writing that he need to put back “fifteen pounds” of flesh. His illness has been severe much longer than the month claimed, unless he lost all fifteen pounds by surgically removing more than 10% of his body.

Comparing email blasts from the group the wonderfully funny Cosmic Connie calls “Abrascam” shows that, at the time of their most recent message to followers, when Esther and Jerry Hicks claimed to be enjoying some wonderful time off, he’d already begun his first round of chemo.

But the marketing went on and workshops continued at a reduced frequency, leaving Esther and Jerry time “to play” in the intervals. Evidence suggests that much of this play involved alternative cancer therapies, including stem cell replacement, that may have lead the couple to South Korea for treatment.

Jerry’s last public appearance among other than family occurred during a Skype test Abraham-Hicks Publishing thought might lead to lucrative webcasts — with no more traveling. It was limited. Only Jerry’s voice, described as sounding “old and sick” by a participant, was heard. Esther, on the other hand, showed up in a brightly colored outfit, like what she normally wore in private life, not the dowdy country preacher get up she’d used on stage.

The dress was a hit, turning it into a sort of its own focus group.

For publicity purposes, the “Abrascam” promoters released pictures of Jerry out with the family for a balloon ride. Released in September, more than three months after finishing therapy, and apparently designed to present a healthy and buoyant image of the then critically octogenarian, they ended up seeming crudely and cruelly exploitative.

By this time, the upbeat email blasts with health updates, still never mentioning cancer, had ended, and after the balloon jaunt, so did all mention of Jerry Hicks until, strangely, five days after the date on which Esther claims he died. Workshops were cancelled and Esther and Jerry withdrew.

Then, the day before Thanksgiving, Esther wrote a message and sent it by email to her followers. Jerry Hicks had “transitioned” on the previous Friday. Absent were her usual crude remarks about “croaking,” tossed out proudly when referring anyone else, and never once did she remind us that, “It’s always good when the old ones go,” a phrase she used to emphasize the importance of their getting out of the way of a more capable younger generation.

Adding to the secret of much of Jerry Hicks’ life was that her message to followers had little to say about Jerry, just some fond references to his being “sweet.” Rather than a death notice, the message was mostly about Esther. Her narcissism failed to let down even with the announcement of his death.

What About Jerry Hicks’ Life After Death?

No death certificate or obituary for Jerry Hicks has been found by researchers or offered by Esther. Why would such a thing be hidden or is the con so addictive it survives physical death? Maybe Esther is chronically unable to convey even the simplest truths. What have they to hide?

A good question would be when and where did Jerry die, assuming he did, an assumption not so simple when it comes to this pair. Having announced that he was dead and admitted at last that the cause was cancer, what was there to gain from obscuring the details?

And why wait five days? Was there a name other than “Jerry Hicks” on the death certificate, and where did his death occur. Information quickly removed from the internet suggested a trip to South Korea in search of a miracle cure. Was the smoke screen just one last dodge from questions about why Jerry never followed the teachings of Abraham to a cure and how the law of attraction led him to an illness and death that he openly did not want?

Maybe Jerry Hicks will tell us himself.

In an event weird even for this crowd, Esther began channeling him publicly during her Abraham-Hicks workshop shows. So far, he has only appeared in asides that Esther and her followers find witty. Maybe in future sessions, he’d tell us his real name and explain what became of those missing fifty years.

You know, I doubt it, but maybe…

Hot seat, anyone?

The above and excerpt for An Abraham Hicks Digest: Skeptic’s Notebook

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