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Jerry Hicks’s bio comes up short as a story, gaps scattered from start and ending with Esther. A colorful figure, he says, with an impressive history before meeting her, but where is it?

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By David Stone

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On the Abraham-Hicks website, Jerry boasted of many careers — trapeze artist, entrepreneur, folk singer. But it’s impossible to find much evidence of his life story before the 1990s.

As the 20th Century came to a close, he emerges as a top level Amway seller, a job given him by the family of Trish, his fourth wife.

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Before that, Jerry’s biography has gaps, some decades wide. They mystery of what’s missing isn’t nearly as interesting as why it’s hidden in the first place.

Whose Bio: Jerry Hicks or Jerry Hickson?

Who was Jerry Hicks and how did he spend sixty years, hardly leaving a trace?

Already a senior citizen in the early 1990s, he starts an affair with Esther Hicks , Trish’s bookkeeper, that wrecks her marriage to Richard. They marry shortly after her divorce is final, but a few obscure years follow before Abraham is born.

This is where Jerry’s traceable history begins.

Esther, Jerry & Abraham Hicks
(Left to right) Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks

In the fuss over Jerry Hicks’ death from leukemia, evasions about the illness and the marketing around it, his bio got even more obscure.

It was hidden for a long time, maybe deliberately, but why?

What don’t we know from Jerry Hicks bio:

What was his real name?

Before latching onto Esther and the law of attraction, Jerry used at least one other name: Jerry Hickson. Others may have included spelling variations and middle names.

Jerry said he used Hickson while performing as a folk artist, but there’s no record of that. Was his invisibility made possible by using other names? That might explain why so few records can be found anywhere.

When did he learn about the law of attraction?

He claimed ignorance of its origins, even while using the term and associated buzz words around since the New Thought Movement in the 1920s.

He tried registering “law of attraction” as a trademark, but what the heck made him think he could get away with it? His claim failed, sending him into a rage that gave birth to “the vortex of attraction.”

Besides Amway, what did he do before meeting Esther, marketing the law of attraction and launching Abraham?

“Jerry’s life reads like a celebrity bio: circus performer, juggler, boxer, singer, gymnast, radio show host, comedian, millionaire entrepreneur.”

Abraham Hicks Website

That’s his bio, according to his own website, before and for years after he died.

If he did all these things, why is there no record?

So, how come nobody finds any record of these activities?

Jerry answered a journalist once by claiming Rip Taylor as one celebrity — Taylor was at the time — with whom he’d worked. But Rip Taylor said he’d never heard of Jerry Hicks, “and I remember everyone.”

And if he was a “millionaire entrepreneur,” as the website claimed, why were he, Esther and her daughter Tracy living in a rented apartment in Fresno when, as the myth has it, Abraham seized Esther’s voice, mind and hands?

Did Abraham show them the law of attraction to lift them out of the middle class? Why need the spooky entities if Jerry was already such a money making blockbuster?

How old was he?

There was plenty of speculation, but in the end, it turned out that he was 82 when he died.

Where are the 60 missing years from his biography? Has anyone seen a birth certificate? A death certificate or a public obituary might shed some light on the secrets too.

Neither have turned up.

In fact, we don’t even know where he died or where his remains are.

What about the first four wives… and the kids?

What happened to his first four (admitted) wives and the fiancee Jerry ditched to land Esther as wife number five? Why don’t any of them ever come out of the closet and talk about him?

Jerry makes no bones about calling them tumultuous and dead end relationships, but what makes them shut up, disappear or both?

Are there skeletons in the closet?

Were his children “dead end relationships” too?

What was going on before that?

From what we know of the sketchy details of Jerry’s life with Trish, he enjoyed the benefits of a robust Amway operation — inherited from her family.

But that doesn’t explain the website claim of “building a multi-million-dollar business operation engaging over 100,00 people.”

Surely he wasn’t claiming to have built Amway, although it’s not much more far-fetched than the one about Abraham’s hijacking his wife’s voice and hands.

He and Trish were in an upper tier at Amway, but not the top. So, was that just a clever use of words? What does “engaging” mean to Jerry?

Is there really some giant enterprise out there nobody knows anything about?

All we don’t know about Jerry Hicks’s Bio…

What happened to the huge business he built, and how did his not so wealthy family end up in a rented apartment in Fresno?

That’s not all we don’t know, but you get the picture.

Jerry’s history before Esther, the Law of Attraction and Abraham is obscure. Maybe we don’t know his real name, and maybe there were several.

It’s not easy to expunge six decades of public records, including marriages and the births of children, if using a consistent identity.

The task is too large. The facts are there, but hidden behind a curtain of fictions.

Does the Jerry trail lead down a road of other identities and multiple names? How else do you wipe out all but twenty-five years of an eight decade lifespan?

What Do We Know About Jerry Hicks?

Not as much as it’s normal expecting.

Even the segments of his life with Esther, before Abraham-Hicks, the law of attraction, The Secret and after are muddy. Misleading information suggests someone with a gift for mounting false facades.

Jerry met Esther while she worked at his wife’s bookkeeper. Whether the relationship took seed while Esther still worked for Trish or after the divorce, we don’t know.

We know that Esther’s first husband discovered their affair, finding her car parked in a motel lot.

Jerry was engaged to wife-to-be #5 at the time. That probably explains why they nestled in a motel instead of his bachelor pad.

Neither Esther or Jerry tell this story. They say Jerry had dead-end relationships and Richard was “controlling.” That’s all.

His controlling nature probably objected to her sleeping around. We don’t know if Jerry’s fiancee #5 became “dead end” before or after he hooked up with Esther.

Two years into the marriage, after researching Seth, an entity much like Abraham, although vastly more complex, channeled by the late Jane Roberts, they took a session with Sheila Gillette.

Gillette channels Theo.

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  1. Apparently you don’t understand the theory and teachings of law of attraction. All these questions you write and for which you have no answer. This is because no answer for you would satisfy. You would resist them, thereby continuing your loop of questioning.

    Nowhere does the law of attraction say you will get a miracle in the 11th hour of something. Instead, you get what you vibrate with. (aka “As you think, so shall you be.”) In this article, you are vibrating with skepticism, so you get confirmation of that. In the meantime, who cares about what brought Jerry Hicks to where he is or isn’t today? Living life is imperfect and, amidst that imperfection, we may or may not be a conduit of spirit that changes the world or changes even one life. No one successful is called to be perfect. We are encouraged, instead, to embrace and live our own lives to the fullest. So, if and when you get on that road, see if you are still questioning minute details of how Jerry Hicks lived his life.

    Your writing this article is lovely proof that Jerry Hicks did well his life’s work.

    • Hey, you learned all the preachy talk and the evasive memes, all the spacey rationalizations to explain away whatever it is Jerry wanted to keep hidden. But since this article is ten years old, I rather thought you apologists had run out of gas.

      I agree with you that he did his work well. Esther too. But that’s only if you believe that hiding inconvenient facts and failing to practice what you’ve preached in life and death decisions is okay. I think it’s not, and carrying on the tradition that’s risked the lives of so many is nothing to be proud of.

  2. Dear Mr. Stone. What amuses me the most is how you go out of your way to try and discredit Jerry, Esther and Abraham. You have created all these conspiracy theories and assumptions, which is fine, but the real issue here is, you feel threatened by this material, otherwise you would have stopped long ago. there is something very strange with your obession with all of this that is telling. It speaks loudly of your own fears. It has nothing to do with your target. You feel threatened. Sit down Mr. Stone, you’re embarrassing yourself. You might want to seek some type of counseling or therapy.

    • Oy vey!You guys need to come up with some new material. This is boring stuff. And changing the subject by attacking the writer is an old tactic that doesn’t do much to make your case. So, let’s suppose you’re right, and I’m oh, so fearful of “this material.” Would that make the facts any different? And it’s just awkward when you drag out the shopworn “conspiracy theories” as a weapon. It’s so overworked, it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

      We do honor freedom of thought and speech here, however, and you’re more than welcome to try another tactic. I’d suggest trying something new, though, or doing what any normal person would do. And that is, comment on the material. If you disagree, say so and explain how. This finger-pointing exercise just looks like you have nothing genuine to say and you’re grasping at straws.

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