Abraham Hicks is Dead is an excerpt from An Abraham Hicks Digest
Note: I was wrong about this one, written during the painful summer interval following disclosure of Jerry Hicks cancer. The roof seemed to be falling in, but Esther finally got the roadshow going again after Jerry’s death, although the promised series of books died with him.

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 Abraham Hicks is dead. No one announced it, but the spiritual teachers invented by Esther and Jerry Hicks are gone. Probably for good.

The Death of Abraham Hicks

Everyone knew it was coming, even the true believers have scrambled to find creative explanations about why it was happening. But everyone really saw it coming.

Sadly, Esther Hicks and the team she has assembled to help while Jerry Hicks fights cancer have stuck to an evasive effort to shroud the internal workings from even the most ardent followers. First, they let Jerry write in his usual upbeat, peppy manner. Then, when the happy talk updates on his health became clearly inappropriate and demands for truth-telling rose, they made like Jerry Hicks didn’t exist.

The happy talk fluttered along, but in the background and without explanation, event after event was cancelled.

Ending The Abraham Hicks Workshop Road Show

The first event to go was an Abraham Hicks Workshop cruise, more than six months in advance. The cancellation of one of the top money makers so far in advance seemed ominous at the time, and it was.

Next, Esther Hicks canceled all workshop appearances that did not fall on weekends. Her explanation was that she and Jerry wanted to “play” on weekdays during his recovery. 

Then, some weekend events were canceled without explanation or announcement. They simply vanished from the schedule. The heavily promoted and hyped LIVE online events were scrubbed completely.

Finally, today, a friend informed me that the last remaining Abraham Hicks workshop, once on the schedule for early December had vanished. Again, no notice.

An Online Skeleton At Abraham Hicks

It’s a little strange to see, but the tabs for workshops and the marketing come-ons remain on their website, which looks for all the world as it did a year ago, except that when you click the tab for upcoming workshops, nothing is there.

This seems like a shabby way to end an era in which thousands claim they have been helped by Jerry and Esther Hicks, and just as it exposes the fact that, in reality, Abraham Hicks wasn’t much more than Jerry’s inspired echo emerging from Esther Hicks, doesn’t do anything to honor his legacy, a legacy that has been tarnished by the desperate attempt to maintain the validity of the “teachings of Abraham.”

They might as well have been called the “teachings of Jerry Hicks,” because that’s what they were. He’s a bright man and well-versed in the spiritual field in which they have sold their products. His charismatic wife is deft and utterly convincing in claiming they were the teachings of otherworldly “nonphysical teachers,” who had access to “Source” (what most people call “God”) as well as all the wisdom accumulated in the history of mankind.

 An Abraham Hicks Digest

All that, it seems, in another bit of irony, was not enough to keep the boat afloat forever. But, anyone should be happy with a profitable twenty-five year run and a vast inventory of products to sell to a sea of remaining followers.

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