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Why Did Esther Hicks Now Suddenly Turn Mean?

Don’t they have “problems” too?

Apparently not. The tone of the forums is one of self-congratulation on their special status and mutual petting.

That’s all fine. Who cares if girlfriends help build each others’ self-esteem? However, when it comes to “booting” of people from the hot seat for the slightest infraction, little empathy exists.

The forum members come off as confident that people bringing their troubles to the stage deserve to be kicked out. They are “OOV,” or out of Vortex in the vernacular of the true believers.

They come off like a group of snotty sorority sisters asserting tenuous self-assurance and narcissism. The remind themselves that the poor losers deserved a public rejection. They’d showed themselves unable to rise above their problems as they themselves had.

This all is consistent with Esther and Jerry’s longstanding policy of rejecting charities and of blaming the victim.

In an interview, they blamed Jewish culture for the Holocaust. And babies were responsible for being abused by adults.

In the world of Abraham-Hicks, it doesn’t take two to tango. We always tango alone, no matter what we think.

Is it liberating to recognize no responsibility toward our community, nation or even the world community?

If you’re not thriving or remain stuck with your problems, the answer is simple. You’re not letting it in. Who’s fault is that? Certainly not that of Esther Hicks, Abraham or their congregation of self-satisfied followers.

Nothing here proves a scam, but much does make it seem more easily understood.

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  1. I just found out about this blog but wowww it really worth my time of researching. You see, my mom is a big abe hicks’ fan and she wont stop telling me how wonderful their teaching is.

    At first I was like ‘okay, it sounds positive, nothing dangerous, i think’ but when the topic shifted from superficial thing like money to something more serious like rape or murder, I began to think that something might be wrong with this couple. How can they always blame the victims?

    I remember one time the attender asked about ‘ghost’ and abs got mad and said that they are ‘spirit’, he (she?) suddenly went mad just because of the word ghost while going full saintly when asked about murderers or rapists. And now esther is not welcoming either, that much of a so-called spiritual guru, huh.

    Anyway, thanks for the infos, Im really happy to know that there are people out there who are as skeptic as much as I am.

    • Thanks, Sally, and good luck dealing with your family issues. A-H is a soft sell, but once you pull back the covers, there isn’t much there that isn’t risky and contradicted elsewhere. Like with Trump and some other politicians and the media, it’s all about show.

      There are good spiritual alternatives. Maybe your Mom will find one of them.

  2. You’re article is useless blather, nothing that remotely resembles fact. I’ve listened to Esther/Abraham Hicks and never spent a dime on anything…no soft sell or hard sell. I’m not a hardcore follower just a person who investigates different spiritual dogmas. I’ve never spent hours on blogs or had a need to reinforce anyone’s beliefs or opinions. You are entitled to your opinion which is all you’ve got here. Obviously someone’s opinion with an agenda. I’m very curious as to your opinion on what “good spiritual alternatives” are and what your actual motivation is besides the obvious sales of your Skeptics Notebook. I started reading your article with genuine curiosity but fairly quickly realized that it was baseless claims as to what Esther/Abraham’s teachings are even about. Since you couldn’t even get those right I had to wonder about your claim of Esther turning mean in the first place.Good luck on your petty crusade.

    • Awfully angry — to the point of near incoherence — for someone who’s “not a hardcore follower,” Kellee. You lost me in the first sentence when you cried that quotes don’t remotely resemble fact. What do you suppose they are then?

      In answer to your question about “good spiritual alternatives,” may I first suggest the core teachings of the New Thought Movement, from which Jerry and Esther “borrowed” their LOA schtick. Also Sheila Gillette and Jane Roberts’s Seth books, both of which served as building blocks for the invention of “Abraham.”

      Thanks for asking and for you best wishes.Your anger shows that you’ve started thinking and are resisting it. If you’re serious about spiritual growth, you can easily break this link and find more reliable and consistent avenues for your search. Best of luck to you in that effort.

      • Clearly, you have never been in the vortex. 🙂 You have so much to learn. We cannot wait for you to join us. How many lifetimes do you think it will take?

        oh… crap… I just checked with hatha… youve got a lot of self work to do. Good Luck!!!

    • Kellee I agree with you. Not really concerned why he’s written such nonsense, but it’s kind of interesting as to why he’s so angry.

  3. While watching Netflix series “Explained”, they make a point to say that Abraham Hicks is a cult! I was a follower but I was getting more and more concerned about the lack of any compassion on Esther’s part about ANYTHING. I found I couldn’t listen to her because she interrupts the person in the hot seat constantly. The interrupting is to totally control the course of each dialog in the hot seat with her rhetoric. I have been to a seminar and it was the same in person. Could God be a JERK? So after the cult accusation, I started investigating her and Jerry’s background. Amway! Holy crap. Thanks for your blog posts and your confirmation of what I have suspected for some time.

    • Thanks, Susan. As a one-time follower, too, I can relate. Something makes you think twice, you dig a little deeper, and the more you dig, the worse it gets We have our “Holy crap” moment.

      I’m glad you’re out and confident you’ll find alternative teachers who will help.

      Thanks, again.

  4. In this article you state “ But the people stepping forward for guidance were not drug addicts or gang members.

    They were individuals in trouble seeking spiritual guidance.”

    So you believe Esther would have the right to treat drug addicts and gang members any differently than “individuals in trouble seeking spiritual guidance”?

  5. Anyone who has a closed mind and is full of resistance to change is deserving of a tough love approach. I have to say that I too thought it was weird that you made that statement. Your article does read like it’s full of hate, maybe jealousy or maybe even revenge. I was seriously researching for something more concrete but all you have is that an elderly man died of cancer and his wife turned mean at a workshop after his death? I’m a very spiritual person and after my father who was a pastor and very spiritual was killed by a drunk driver (who told me the night before he was about to die, but I didn’t believe him) was angry at God, the Universe and I was mean to anyone who came over to our house that night. So unless you have something more concrete, this does just sound like a skeptic with no hard facts.

      • Hey Be That Woman … The difference between your anger and Esther’s – you weren’t claiming to be channeling spirits including Jesus at the time. Unless you left that part out of your story.

      • Charging money to channel the spirit of Jesus who said, “I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God,” has got to be one of the most ironic acts ever. Think about it. A billionaire could live a good comfortable life and still save thousands, if not millions of lives, and they almost uniformly choose not to just so they can win capitalism, which is almost the same as killing those people from an ethical perspective.

        Ether Hicks, however, has publicly excoriated a woman for wanting to use her lottery winnings to benefit charity in addition to herself. I have been abused as a child and watched some of the people I love most in the world die, and I still have never lashed out others the way Esther Hicks does to her paying customers, because I actually care about people. If love is the highest vibration and blame is a low vibration, why does she blame the victims of the holocaust? Why does she recommend ignoring those who are suffering instead of loving them? A person would only want to ignore suffering from a vibration of fear. If a person were in a vibration of love, they would feel compelled to help and provide solace. Marianne Williamson has said that children in Africa are not starving because of their lack of love but because of ours. 1/7th of the defense budget in the United States could wipe out extreme poverty in 10 years.

        Esther Hicks is a false prophet whose teachings lack the most basic elements of love and spiritual courage.

      • How would the author of this article or you explain the fact that what Esther-Hicks teaches works?

  6. So GRATIFIED to see you call out that charlatan Gary Renard. When I was leading workshops on A Course in Miracles it used to drive me crazy that people followed him and his idiotic book. I always felt, too, that with Wayne Dyer’s work, while maybe not a conscious scam, “the emperor had no clothes”. Abraham-Hicks I had not figured out, so thanks very much! I had just walked away from the teachings when I couldn’t make them work and found reading them increasingly prone to inducing brain fog. What scammers! It seems sinister now to see Jerry sitting at the side table, looking like the faithful scribe but in fact the Machiavelli pulling the strings of their act. How did Esther manage to ramble on for 30 minutes at a stretch and field questions from strangers? Did she take amphetamines? What an actress.Thanks again.

    • Thank you. And, yes, I though Gary Renard was the worst and would never have touched his book had Wayne Dyer not recommended it. But I am grateful in that it started me along a road toward a more skeptical point of view. The worst threat with some of the hucksters is how they steer seekers away from legitimate sources and guidance.

      Best of luck on your journey!

  7. I almost got lost in “the Vortex.” But some time ago, climbed out upon a ladder of common sense, personal experience, and the scientific method. Thanks for the articles. Am sure “Abraham” is telling you to “Get out!”

  8. You don’t seem to know why a large number of AH audience members are women. ‘For some reason’, you said. It’s not hard. Women are more likely to be interested in mind-body-spirit, emotions, etc. I think six year olds realize this, but you missed it. Technical reason — hormone oxytocin, which facilitates New Age-type stuff, reduces cortisol in women– so pursuing this literally causes more ease, happiness, relaxation, a reduction of fear and stress. In men, testosterone does this, so achievement, dominance, and solving non-social, non-interpersonal tasks, like fixing a car or a computer, does it. Why do more men like cars, or are IT tech-heads? It’s hormones causing behavior.

    • With your deep, penetrating insight into the inner workings of humanity, it’s just amazing you haven’t already shown us the path to good government, world peace and freedom from hunger. It’s amazing you could break humanity down into two easy categories and explained everything about them. You are, for certain, a fucking genius. Wow!

    • Dude, try disagreeing with the content, for a change, then a productive conversation might even begin. Who knows? We might even figure out why you’re so desperate to make the topic me instead of the article. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • You seem a little confused. Let me help. Esther doesn’t teach anything. That’s Abraham, and she simply channels unconsciously.

      And to answer your question, publicly abusing people who pay to come for help is, at best, questionable behavior. How does public humiliation help anyone?

      And finally, what exactly do you mean “works?” It didn’t “work” for Ari, among others. Ari invested many hours on the “teachings of Abraham” and ended up a suicide. It didn’t work for Jerry Hicks. Abraham said you could cure any illness in less than a day, but Jerry ended up going to traditional, then experimental treatments anyway. He announced his intention to get well soon after being diagnosed with leukemia, although they wouldn’t even say the “c” word, but he lost the battle in six months. So, whatta ya mean, “works?” I can give you other examples, but please explain exactly what you mean.

      Thank you.

  9. “But the people stepping forward for guidance were not drug addicts or gang members”… you talk A LOT about the cattiness and bullying, but a sentence like this is like a spotlight on your own. I agree with the sentiments below, you have a lot of hate and anger and confusion and you are just trying to find the golden Snake Oil salesman to blame it on. It’s clear you have a very narrow search range for where you believe human ills, sadness, manipulation etc come from, and this whole piece says way more about you than it does about any of its subjects. (That’s probably why, as you frustratingly pointed out below, people are focused on you and not the content). The content is nothing new or illuminating or even brave, it is a complete repetition of a thousand other sentiments by hyper left brained isolated humans who believe’s color doesn’t exist because they don’t have the physical apparatus to process them.

    • Hey, Sara, don’t worry. Reality will still be here when you return. But in the meantime, if this sort of blaming the messenger thing works for you, stick with it. You will get over it, in time.

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