Chat Noir, American cats trolling the Left Bank, along the Seine, are stopped in their tracks. Paris loves cats, especially black cats. Advertisements


Walking through a park in San Francisco, I found an abandoned hopscotch court just as the sun set. It had a kind of lost childhood, haunting feel that I couldn’t resist. The image is atmospheric, a little wistful with the suggestion of fleeting childhood, with a sneaky surreal flavor. EvocativeContinue Reading

On the way to William Glasser Reality Therapy… the Opposite of Freud Do you have an idea about how to live that you count on it to clarify and strengthen your choices? It’s personal, but I’ll share. I’m guided by what I learned from William Glasser’s Reality Therapy, many years ago.

“From the Brighton Beach El is a shot I took from from the overhead tracks above Brighton Beach Boulevard, near Brooklyn’s south shore on the Atlantic. Elevated trains helped create New York and still dominate spaces in the sprawling urban landscape. “Looking at the street from a century old elevatedContinue Reading

Rickety, weighted down push carts, serving everything from apples to dried fish and pickles, jammed travel to a standstill on New York City’s Lower East Side. It’s 1940, and Mayor Fiorello La Guardia does something about it. He creates an urban shopping mall, the Essex Street Market, a solution that lasts nearly 80 years.