Chat Noir, American Cats in Paris


American cats out for a walk along the left bank are startled by their discovery, an illustration from our book, Travels with George: Paris.

This hilarious black cat print will look great on your wall and is guaranteed to make you smile every time you look at it.

Two cats visiting Paris are soaking up the French culture and are particularly impressed by the famous Chat Noir (Black Cat) posters along the Left Bank by the Seine, most famously those by French painter and printmaker Theophile Steinlen.

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Your Little ToE? Simple, Easy Theory of Everything

Lookin’ for Truth in All the Wrong Places

Do you believe that a single theory, say, a brilliant equation, a religious belief or a universal philosophy that puts the whole shebang together in a single basket of truth, a Theory of Everything, might explain the whole mess – or miracle, depending on how you feel about the results?

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Behind the Counter, a New Political Force Takes On The New York Post and Trump

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Yemeni-American bodega owners in New York City organized a boycott of the newspaper over what they see as anti-Muslim bias.

Ibraham Qatabi and his father, Nasser Qatabi visited their friend, Mohamed Almuntaser, who owns the Downtown Gourmet Deli in Brooklyn.

Stepping into his Brooklyn bodega, Mohammed Almuntaser recalled how his heart sank.

Staring up at him from the entryway was a copy of The New York Post, with a picture of the World Trade Center in flames on the cover and a headline attacking a Muslim member of Congress, Ilhan Omar.

“It was disgusting. It was racist. I couldn’t believe this racist thing was sitting at my store,” said Mr. Almuntaser, 29, who owns four bodegas in the city.

“The very next day, I told everyone who works at my stores not to accept the paper.” He was not alone, and a boycott of The Post began.

Behind the Counter, a New Political Force Takes On The New York Post and Trump – The New York Times

From the Brighton Beach El, Brooklyn

From Brighton Beach El

“From the Brighton Beach El is a shot I took from from the overhead tracks above Brighton Beach Boulevard, near Brooklyn’s south shore on the Atlantic. Elevated trains helped create New York and still dominate spaces in the sprawling urban landscape.

“Looking at the street from a century old elevated rail line cutting down the center of Brighton Beach, a block from the ocean, this picture shows you a world apart but deeply rooted. It has stories to tell.” — Deborah Julian

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Truth be told – a man’s cat always knows


Cats are just as picky about people as they are about food and great places to nap? They always seem to have some very clear likes and dislikes.

When it comes to men, it’s even more interesting. Big feet and loud voices don’t usually get on a cat’s wish list.

Some men win them over anyway…

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Say, “Goodbye.” New York’s Historic Essex Street Market Closes

Rickety, weighted down push carts, serving everything from apples to dried fish and pickles, jammed travel to a standstill on New York City’s Lower East Side. It’s 1940, and Mayor Fiorello La Guardia does something about it. He creates an urban shopping mall, the Essex Street Market, a solution that lasts nearly 80 years.

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