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If you’ve been posting as long as I have, you’ve probably seen some gross abuse by website owners. Some vanish without warning, taking your work (and sometimes royalties) with them. One, Seekyt, under new ownership, continues to publisih my articles, credited to a differen author. 

It’s grisly, but when it comes to horror stories, the death of Squidoo in 2014 was the worst. Here’s my in the middle of the wreck commentary while kicking my way through the ruins…

Serious Trespass of Ethics or Worse?

Is it time to get serious about Seth Godin’s most recent trespass on internet business ethics? With his widely criticized handling of Squidoo’s collapse, has he stepped from poor judgment straight into illegal?


Seth Godin Killed Squidoo-Was It Fraud? | HubPages

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