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Chat Noir American Cats in Paris

Chat Noir, American cats trolling the Left Bank, along the Seine, are stopped in their tracks. Paris loves cats, especially black cats.


Chat Noir, American style, cat art by Deborah Julian.

George, the tabby on the right, walked into a surprise, a kiosk full of cat posters. He tells all about that and more in Travels with George: Paris.

Reproductions of George and Billy in Paris hang from walls and illustrate greeting cards around the world.

Two cats sneak a trip to Paris, soak up French culture and tell their stories. From the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower.

One night, after leaving the quay along the Seine, they discover the kiosk. They’ve never seen anything like it in America.

Best known is the original Chat Noir poster. It was created by Theophile Steinlen to promote a night club, and black cats were the theme.

Black Cat Lover Gift Cat Art Print Paris Wall Art Cat | Etsy

Suppose you were a cat. And suppose you wanted to see the world and Paris was your first option. Would you take the gamble, even not knowing what “Paris” is? If you were George, you would, and if you were his tag along buddy, Billy, you’d go too! Risking serious danger but hungry for adventure, George smuggles his way into a trip to France. Once there, he does what everyone does

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