When atheists and believers battle, which is more wrong than the other? Do both come off as just too much noise? It’s like watching ping pong, a set of furious volleys, where neither competitor realizes the pong they’re pinging isn’t God at all.

Atheists Ping, Believers Pong:s God, the Debating Point

people on brown rock formation
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Believers and atheists irritate, cluttering talk about God with more noise than content. It’s a classic example of creating more heat than light.

The mass media loves it. But it doesn’t get us anywhere.

That plastic ball keeps whipping over the net. Wood smacking plastic never gets any more resonant. Both sides get it wrong, but neither hesitates to declare victory.

Worse yet, in the clamor for winning, both sides claim they have facts that, objectively, aren’t facts to anyone else. They’re beliefs, assumptions about truth, based on faith.

Are We Talking About God or Not God?

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