Your Little ToE? Simple, Easy Theory of Everything

Lookin’ for Truth in All the Wrong Places

Do you believe that a single theory, say, a brilliant equation, a religious belief or a universal philosophy that puts the whole shebang together in a single basket of truth, a Theory of Everything, might explain the whole mess – or miracle, depending on how you feel about the results?

Your ToE and Why It Matters

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Or is that too grand for any intellect short of the mind of God? What if all it took to resolve science’s greatest puzzle was your little ToE, a Theory of Everything to settles the framework for good?

Modern science believes it is possible and certainly desirable to agree on a Theory of Everything, but I am not so sure. If you’re big on the soothing effects of closure, you’re probably with the scientists, but closure means limits, the last time I looked it up, closed cases.

And I think a closed case between us and this energetic universe we wake up to every day is destined to forever be a happy illusion.

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