Roosevelt Island Tram Leaving Station

The Roosevelt Island Tram, almost 43 now, evolved into a major New York City tourist attraction, raising the ire of some locals who use it for basic transportation but now now feel crowded. On it’s 40th birthday, I wrote this about it.



On Tuesday, May 17, 2016, the Roosevelt Island Tram celebrated it’s 40th birthday, having survived with new cabins and a rebuilt infrastructure for twice as long as it was intended.

That it endures is a tribute to its popularity.

When it first floated across the East River, unfettered by a comedic misstep, the Tram seemed destined to outlive its insubstantial birthright, in spite of obstacles.

Things have changed so much for New York and Roosevelt Island since May 17, 1977, it’s easy to forget that the city was battling through an historic budget crisis, among others crises, that would lead to Mayor Abe Beame, who christened the Tram before it lifted passengers over the East River, being defeated for reelection.  

Ford to City: Drop Dead…

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