Matisse Goldfish… with cats

A Famous Artists’ Cats Parody


Henri Matisse Goldfish with Cats, the big picture

“Henri Matisse painted a number of pictures that feature goldfish, although the creatures are far more red than gold.

“The cats I helped sneak into the picture don’t care about that. But they are mesmerized by the little fish in the bowl. Imagine.

“The Seine flows quietly behind them and horse-drawn drays cross a bridge. The cats don’t care about that either. They have fish sticks on their minds.

“This beautiful cat art print is a reproduction of my art work based on a Matisse painting.”

Henri Matisse Goldfish with Cats is part of my Great Artists and Cats series which explores how great works of art would look if the artists had my cats.” — Deborah Julian

Henri Matisse Cat Art Print Cat Lover Gift Cat Decor

This Matisse parody takes up one chapter in Famous Artists’ Cats: The Book, which features take offs on artists from Van Gogh to Lichtenstein. Each entry tries to answer Deborah Julian’s question: “What would happen if this artist had my cats?”

The genesis was her experiences, trying to print, cut and mat her work for sale while her cats insisted on “helping.”

In the end, taking their curious minds as the comedy devices they often are failed to solve any problem. But they became easier


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