A New Reality, How You Create What’s Real

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Do you create your own reality? Of course, you do. No, not all of it, but you might be surprised how much…

As we step up to the thrills and intense emotions available to us, we move apart from whatever has seasoned our lives so far.

In creating a reality, we take a new road in the direction of what’s real – for us.

Our choice is always between rebirth and life’s default, a renewed agreement to let others and traditions determine who we are and what for us is real.

This article sums up the conclusion of A Million Different Things: Meditations of The World’s Happiest Man, a book I wrote about learning to be more more consciously aware of choices.

If conformity with all its pressures holds us to the same old path, we cant find the way to fulfillment. We might play another’s game and play it well.

Many of us approach our public lives that way, but when we win, the rewards are no more ours than the rules were.

Can winning someone else’s prize give us the abundance we want?

Why not win something of our own?

When we make a commitment to know what it is that makes us who we are, to decide what we want to make real, we attract old and new friends with a kind of sticky magnetism.

The invisible connections that have always touched us begin to flourish, strengthening. Those who were intended to be at our sides don’t resist us when our commitments are positive and firm, when we’ve have found our flow and joined it. Making our own reality, we’re free to whisk up lifes treasures, including the abundances of people and nature, with ease.

There’s the core of what my book is about. It’s about realizing ourselves, not diving into inquires about who we are.

We already know what is real. Beneath whatever layers of obscurity we’ve hidden our lights, they’ve never been turned off. Our batteries never go dead.

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