New York City

Binky Phillips and The Planets

Binky Phillips & The Planets

Good Old Rock-N-Roll, “Established 1972 NYC”

Binky Phillips and The Planets sharpened their act during weekly sessions at Arlene’s Grocery on New York’s Lower East Side The result: a new recording, Established 1972 NYC by these legendary artists with roots all the way back to CBGB.

Binky Phillips and The Planets
Binky Phillips & The Planets at Arlene’s Grocery, their regular Monday night gig. It’s the release party for Established 1972 NYC.

Established 1972 NYC is as pure rock-n-roll as you can get. The bands hardcore guitars, vocals and drums.

While Splitsville or Bust bounces with rock drive, Drinking Gasoline and Kinda Liked It At The Time remind us humor is in the mix.

It’s a great album. You can stream it on iTune, Spotify and any of the other regular sources. You can buy it online at CD Baby.

Listen now on YouTube…

Give it a listen. Phillips wrote the songs, but the performances are tight, a band deftly aligned.

P.S. Much to his regret, the Band had to add Binky Phillips and The Planets to their title. When they did their research, they found that “The Planets” was already in use by a lot of other bands.

And Phillips, who’s been a guitar virtuoso well-known in New York for 40 years, was their most identifiable member.

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