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The Gospel According to Scruffy: Or, Contemplating the Name of Dog

The Gospel According to Scruffy, Jane Barter’s insightful essay, touches on feelings many of us have had and struggled to manage. It’s from the series Women in Theology.

“I discovered his name in 2008. I wish I could say that it came to me in a dream or vision, but in fact it came to me in one of those terrible mothering moments you probably should not admit to in public. I was dying to have a dog. I have been a dog person for as long as I can remember and I waited until my children were of the age which I could be assured that they had sufficient conscience that they would not ride him like a horse or maul him like a UFC fighter. Canon Law says that seven is the age of reason. I prudently waited one more year until my youngest was eight (just in case Canon Law was wrong) and then I went full-blown dog wild.”

Jane Barter, Women in Theology

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