When I read that the Clotilda, a schooner that was known to be the last slave ship to America, had been found, I recalled a conversation with my friend Sylviane Diouf from years ago. No one expected to ever find the vessel about which she’d just written a book, until a bomb cyclone exposed it in Alabama.

Examples of slave ships like the Clotilda.

For many, although not enough of us, the residue of slavery resonates, and if we’re lucky, this story, most recently spotlighted in National Geographic, will make current generations more aware, encourage discussions.

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From the National Geographic Article…

“The schooner Clotilda—the last known ship to bring enslaved Africans to America’s shores—has been discovered in a remote arm of Alabama’s Mobile River following an intensive yearlong search by marine archaeologists.

“‘Descendants of the Clotilda survivors have dreamed of this discovery for generations,’ says Lisa Demetropoulos Jones, executive director of the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) and the State Historic Preservation Officer. ‘We’re thrilled to announce that their dream has finally come true.'”

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