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Colin Huggins: Piano kills fascists

A Piano Kills Fascists

Colin Huggins piano kills fascists…?

A piano kills fascists, says Colin Huggins...
Colin Huggins at his piano that kills fascists.

Walking through Washington Square in the village forced us into a detour. A massive cloud of B.O., from who knows where, sent us toward an exit on the east side of the park.

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We held our breaths, and we walked fast.

B.O. has probably never brought such good luck, but this time, it steered us to Colin Huggins and the grand piano he tugs into the park to play for tips.

Huggins was once a reasonably sane person who accompanied dancers for the Joffrey Ballet.


For a steady paycheck.

But in 2007, at 29, he decided to busk instead, giving up security and boredom for freedom and creativity.

It was tough going at first. He got chased from Father Demo and Union Squares because complaints poured in about the large crowds he attracted. He was penalized for success in 2011, fined over $6K by the city for playing the piano.

A piano kills fascists.
Huggins invites listeners to appreciate the music in a different way.

The motto, “This Machine Kills Fascists,” inscribed on both sides of his piano, is borrowed from Woody Guthrie.

Wrapping up, he invites audience members for a rare experience, laying down under his piano while he plays pieces by Rachmaninoff and Phillip Glass.

It’s a cheap thrill. He suggests tips but says it’s not mandatory.

Huggins plays for love.

CBS This Morning broadcast a report, way back in 2011:

If you’re in or coming to New York, you can catch his act on the East Side of Washington Square Park on Saturdays, all year round.



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