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Kadir Nelson turned to sculpture in Major Taylor tribute

Kadir Nelson turned to sculpture in a tribute to Major Taylor. We learn about it in his talk with YRB Magazine‘s Jonn Nubian…

Nelson’s best known for paintings that become New Yorker magazine covers and pop album artwork.

Kadir Nelson turned to sculpture when asked to create a tribute to Major Taylor

After help sell pop stars like Drake, Kadir Nelson took a different approach when asked by Hennessy (of cognac fame) to create a tribute to Marshall “Major” Taylor,

Like Kadir Nelson turned to sculpture…

Taylor was the first African American to become world champion in any sport. His work will be on display at the World Trade Center later this year.

Taylor’s sport was cycling, his victory at the world track championships in 1899.

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Nelson’s commemorative sculpture was unveiled in May. YRB’s managing editor Jonn Nubian talked with Nelson about using sculpture instead of painting to honor the champion cyclist during the event.

The MAJOR was commissioned by Hennessy in 2018 to memorialize the achievements of Marshall ‘Major’ Taylor, part of the debut of the brand’s latest Wild Rabbit campaign that celebrates the theme of pushing one’s potential through stories of extraordinary individuals like Taylor.

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