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Are Ghosts Really Everywhere, Eager For Us To Notice?

Are ghosts everywhere?

When I was a kid, Halloween sent us out swinging jack-o-lanterns at our sides. Our paper bags begged for candy. We knew ghosts were make-believe. Casper the Friendly Ghost or the scarier spooks of Rod Serling. Now, grown up and then some, I see we were wrong.

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By David Stone

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Sound waves and photons flow by the billions into our brains every second. They blended with other invisibles, creating the motion picture we call “reality.” Really, the world is not out there; it’s in here, between your ears. Science knows this, but it’s not easy convincing us.

The irony of ghosts is that, if they are only what people believed for millennia — that is, spirits of dead people and animals — we’d never know about them.

Our senses can’t see, feel, hear or smell anything that isn’t physical, and once you’re dead, you’re not physical anymore. No one disputes that.

How we make reality out of real things…

It’s all personal.

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Our brains make order out of a tidal wave of sensory perceptions, ignoring most of the deluge, making much out of little. Mental templates, inherited as well as learned, aid the process.

Suggestions mushroom into complete things.

As one result, a gazillion somethings go unnoticed. Evolution’s a minimalist undertaking.

Ghosts Are Everywhere
What we don’t see in the mist of things “out there.”

For one thing, you should not be able to see a ghost, and yet, like many thousands of others, I did.

A Ghost for Dinner

My ghost was independently verified by someone with an even better view. She saw more, colors, enough to identify the visitor whizzing by, although all I caught was something between shadow and real.

We looked up.

“Did you see that?” I said.

Yes, she did.

Is there some crossover zone between physical and not physical where specters pop in and out of reality in an action we know nothing about? Do they force their way into reality?

You ever seen a ghost? 

No, but you have heard of them…

Bob Dylan, Spirit On The Water

It happens. People see ghosts all the time, and the shame is that self-doubt or fear of ridicule forces them into silence.

Ghosts Anywhere or Everywhere

When you try to verify whatever information is out there about ghosts, scientists scramble to defend their beliefs.

Science is faith based. The prevailing belief is that nothing that can’t be proved — and proved again — is true, and that makes it safe to dismiss claims for no mechanism exists for testing. That’s a belief, nothing more, and a tenuous one at that.

Scientism maintains that everything real in our universe can be observed and/or measured by instruments. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist. And if you disagree, you’re a loon hooked on woo-woo. Close-mindedness rules.

You have to shake your head at the unscientific behavior of scientists. Denial of alternatives is the knee-jerk tool of vulnerable belief systems.

Ghost Logic

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