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A Guide to Helping Cats: Gothamist Shows The Way

The Gothamist Guide To Helping Cats

The Gothamist, a robust independent New York City online news source, published a comprehensive guide to helping cats. It’s locally oriented but is applicable almost anywhere. I’m linking it here because it can save some lives and make others better.

Guide to Helping Cats
City Cats
Artwork by Deborah Julian

“So many New York City cats end up in shelters because people don’t know what to do when they see a cat roaming around outside. To celebrate Adopt-A-Cat month, we made a comic to help New Yorkers understand city cats better. Keep scrolling to learn about what to do if you see a community cat, a lost or feral cat, or a whole bunch of adorable kittens!” — The Gothamist

Read the Guide, click here…

The Gothamist’s Guide to Helping Cats is useful for those of use who feel lost when confronted with homeless or endangered animals. We might worried about commitment or if contacting a shelter might result in overcrowding, sickness, even euthanasia.

We recently published a look at cats: What’s the Thing with Cats and Water? Felines are unlike other animals in how they evolved to rely and water and even how their lighting quick tongues use speed as an inherited safety feature.

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