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Penguins arrested again for sushi bar invasion

Two penguins arrested in a sushi bar invasion, this week, according to a story in USA Today.

penguins arrested sushi bar invasion
Off to town, then…

Wellington, New Zealand police say the waddling lawbreakers were searching for free food or a nesting place. Maybe both.

Did you know about the annual duck parade?

July is mating season for penguins, and they are always hungry. Staying warm in the chilly South Pacific demands calories.

Trouble started over the weekend. Doesn’t it always?

Penguins arrested sushi bar invasion… again

Police caught a single penguin on his way to the sushi truck. Officials returned him to the sea.

But on Monday, he returned with a partner. The pair settled under a sushi truck, but were unwelcome there. Conservation officials awarded them a proper nest a few hundred feet away. It’s closer to the water.

Realists are not optimistic. Penguins return to nests they’ve established.

They expect more calls from the sushi truck ….

From the Wellington Police blotter..

A couple of penguins have been released following temporary detainment by Wellington Police. 🐧

The waddling vagrants were removed from their sushi stand refuge earlier today by Constable John Zhu. Unsurprisingly, this was not the first report Police had received about the fishy 🐠 birds.

We received a call about 8:40pm on Saturday night of a penguin on the road in Featherston Street.

Police responded and with some help from members of the public released the penguin, described as ‘little and blue’, back into the sea.

Then today, about 6:35am, Police received another report of the penguin, this time with a companion, near Wellington Railway Station.

Constable Zhu responded and, after sensing something fishy, established that the penguins were nesting underneath a food truck near the station.

DOC and Wellington Zoo were contacted, and with some inter-agency cooperation the adventurous pair were released back into Wellington Harbour.

Wellington, New Zealand Police report

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