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Luce 24 Under 24 Awards

Luce 24 under 24 Awards were announced last week by sponsors the J. Luce Foundation & Orphans International for 2019. Here are the local Take Two winners.

Luce 24 Under 24 Awards local Roosevelt Island winners
Jim Luce (R) with Troy Washington, Orphans International Board Member Mathew Luce and Amy Tarar.

The 24 Under 24 Awards are modeled after the Forbes 30 Under 30 competition. Forbes recognizes business world achievers. J Luce and OIWW throw their spotlight on young socially conscious global leaders.

The awards event took place last week with a Summer Soiree at the China Institute. It also served as a 60th birthday celebration for Jim Luce. Luce is founding executive director of both groups.

At the ceremony, Take Two honored a pair of local Luce 24 Under 24 Awards achievers.

24 under 24 Take Two winner Troy Washington with Jim Luce.
Troy Washington receives 24 Under 24 Plaque from Jim Luce

Troy Washington

A graduate of the University of Bridgeport, Troy Washington is an actor and model who declares that he’s trying to make an impact on the world.

The 24 Under 24 recognition is a sign that he stands a great chance for success.

After studying fashion merchandising, he aspires to help children through an affordable fashion brand. Proceeds will support inner-city youth. A basketball trainer, Troy coached a team of 11-15 year olds on Roosevelt Island in New York City where he makes his home.

Amy Tarar

Amy is a student interested in biology and healthcare field. She graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She minored in Chemistry and Biological Anthropology.

Amy hopes to learn at a Medical school in 2020.

She has strong commitments to education and helping children and young adults stay in school. With her sister, Amy launched a foundation connecting donors to individuals in need of educational funds.

Amy’s family has a tradition of strong women.

See her award-winning essay in The Stewardship Report entitled As World Continues to Divide, Young Global Leadership Critical.

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