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Gauguin’s Cat Whimsical Parody

Gauguin’s Cat is a whimsical parody of Paul Gauguin’s Still Life with Three Puppies. Deborah Julian‘s imagined cat insists on sharing the puppies’ cream.

Gauguin's Cat Whimsical Parody
A whimsical parody, Gauguin’s Cat gets his share of the delicious, fresh cream.

Gauguin painted a somewhat strange image of puppies gobbling cream from a pot that may be on a table. Or on the floor. Or wherever Gauguin wanted your mind to wander.

A Whimsical Parody Takes Shape

In my version, Gauguin’s painting changes.

Here’s what it is if he lived with my cat George. George is always on the prowl for something to eat,” says digital cat artist Deborah Julian.

Her series of Famous Artists’ Cats is a collection of parodies inspired by “what would happen if they had my cats.”

Deborah’s cats are available to “help” or otherwise get involved. So, why not give them a chance in great art?

“Enjoy the whimsical sight of a cat sneaking in to steal the puppies’ milk. Or get it for your cat-loving friend or relative and treat them to a daily smile with designer cat artwork.”

Cat Artist Deborah Julian

Guaguin’s Cat Whimsical Parody is from my original art work Gauguin’s Cat and is based on Paul Gauguin’s painting of puppies drinking from a bowl of cream.

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