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Photo Gallery Kite Flight For Peace And Human Rights, 2019, And For Now?

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Our Photo Gallery Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights celebrates 2019’s fun for all ages event. Each year, Four Freedoms Park hosted Kite Flight coinciding with International Peace Day. But last year, the coronavirus pandemic got it too. Fingers crossed for 2021.

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All photos in the gallery were taken by Kara Baker during the 2018 event. They are posted courtesy of FDR Four Freedoms Park. They include kids making, flying and showing off their pride in kites.

Our photo gallery shows how Kite Flight suits all ages. There are chances to learn and enjoy the freedom of racing with the wind into flight.

The Park adds other activities to expand the joy. This year, Operation Gratitude offers a letter writing station to honor veterans. And the New York Public Library branch features book highlights.

With Kite Flight for Peace and Human Rights 2019, FDR Four Freedoms Park became more than a beautifully sculpted landscape washed in sun. From 11:00 a.m until 4:00 on September 28th, it lifted off as a beacon of joy on Roosevelt Island.

Every year, FDR Four Freedoms Park sets kites flying over its landscaped lawn on a day in September. Its timed to match up with the International Day of Peace and, locally, with the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s Fall for Arts Festival.

Kites strike a symbol of freedom, and you can learn how to make and fly them in workshops from 11:00 a.m.

“Kite-making workshops are free and suitable for all ages.”

Veterans Honored

Photo Gallery Kite Flight for Peace Veterans Table
Veterans Table from the Kite Flight Photo Gallery

In keeping with its 75th Anniversary of D Day event in July, Four Freedoms Park adds Letters of Gratitude during Kite Flight.

Visitors are invited to “Share your messages of gratitude with Deployed Troops, Veterans, New Recruits & First Responders at our special letter writing station in partnership with Operation Gratitude.”

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