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Roy Eaton Live in Bryant Park

Roy Eaton in Bryant Park plays piano live, taking his turn in the noontime concert series. We recorded him introducing, then playing Bach’s Prelude in C.

Roy Eaton live in Bryant Park
Legendary Roy Eaton, now 89, during Bryant Park’s noontime concert series, September 27th, 2019.

Roy Eaton is a legend. Twice given less than a 10 percent chance of survival, he was enshrined in the Advertising Hall of Fame in 2010. At 89, he continues taking his weeklong turn in Bryant Park’s Piano Concert Series.

After explaining the transcendental grace of Bach’s composition, Roy Eaton plays it live in Bryant Park.

“If you were white, I’d hire you immediately,” is what Roosevelt Islander Roy Eaton heard at his first interview with Young & Rubicam.
It was 1955. Eaton had already played Carnegie Hall and was a Korean War Veteran.
Soon, he would become the advertising industry’s Jackie Robinson.
Roy Eaton’s mother told it straight.
“You have to do 200% to get recognition for 100%,” she said.

Roosevelt Island Daily

The Privilege of Hearing Roy Eaton Live in Bryant Park

There’s more to a Roy Eaton performance than you expect because he makes each concert a lesson. It’s not just about the music but how it leads to a deeper immersion in life.

Transcendental meditation made it possible for Roy to manage the pain from a near fatal car accident in 1956. It’s also aided his recovery from a major stroke, less than two years ago.

He spreads the word about this blessing generously.

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