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New York Wants Trump Out

New York wants Trump out. A move toward erasing the president from the city scene grew with a fresh push from the City Council. A resolution asks for termination of the Trump Organization’s city contracts.

Donald J. Trump’s stunning reversal of fortune in his hometown led partially to his changing his official residence to Florida.

But when I moved to New York in 1990, Trump was folklore, a legend. His book, Art of the Deal, was a hit. Publishers Weekly’s review called him “boyishly disarming.”

On 5th Avenue, his Trump Tower was a tourist draw, and his personal capers with women filled the Post’s cheesy Page Six with fodder for gossip.

For me, the facade began fading when a Mikhail Gorbachev impersonator lured Trump out of his tower. The Soviet leader, he believed, ponied over to 5th Avenue just to shake the hand of the master of capitalism.

Watch Trump fall for a fake Gorbachev.

Then came the bankruptcies and, eventually, his racist instigation of the anti-Obama birther conspiracy.

New York wants Trump out but he wants to buy Greenland
Further eroding his stature, a loopy Trump effort at buying Greenland in 2019.

A Win Becomes A Loss for Trump

Before common sense left him, Trump won New Yorker’s approval by turning a junky Wollman Skating Rink into popular Central Park attraction. He did it on budget and on time, both things the city failed at.

But now, Wollman along with Lasker Skating Rink, the Carousel and Trump Golf Links in the Bronx face termination. Councilman Mark Levine wants them ended.

“Now that Donald Trump has moved out of New York City, he should take his corrupt businesses with him,” Levine told the Daily News.

Levine cites losses in revenue for the parks as justification.

Since Trump’s election, for example, profits from the Central Park Carousel fell from $188,000 in 2015 to $30,000 in 2017. The skating rinks and golf are doing poorly as well.

“Our city’s financial relationship with the Trump name is a stain on the reputation of New York City and it needs to end immediately,” Levine added.

New York Wants Trump Out Resolution

Around town, Trump removal options include stripping his name from residential buildings by coop boards. And the Trump Organization itself got in on the act, removing his name from both Central Park rinks after revenue dived.

That was a first.

But Levine hopes it won’t be the last.

Councilwomen Carlina Rivera and Margaret Chin co-sponsor the non-binding resolution asking Mayor Bill de Blasio to act.

Lawyers for the Parks Department say the contracts cannot be broken. Levine disputes that. But both skating rink contracts end next year, and he’ll settle for non-renewal.

Trump Golf Links runs until 2032.

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