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Is everything connected, now and forever in a seamless universe?

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Everything Is Connected

We live in a seamless universe…

Everything is connected… It’s a fact, and facts don’t care what you think. They just sit there. Pick a fight with them, and they won’t even punch back. They’re not always permanent. You can bend them. 

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By David Stone

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How Everything Works Together In This Seamless Universe

Facts change, not because you want them to but because they get run over by better facts.

Facts are infrastructure, and sometimes a This Old House effect flushes aged wood and steel and replaces it with newer woods, better tempered irons, plastic. Flooring’s always the first to go, and walls are ridiculous without floors for meaning and context.

Threads spill into ribbons, whirling through nourishing soups of energy, dipping and diving. Reality stuff is electric. It’s all over the place until we put our minds together and make something of it. 

Unbroken fabric sizzling with possibility buzzes a puzzle, not an answer. Look around: we know what happens.




All you see and the invisible you feel, the stuff that makes all the choices worth something.

Fools make facts spiritual, but religion can’t wiggle its way into facts. They shouldn’t even be in the same room. They have less synergy than tectonic plates.

Of course, everything’s connected. Isn’t it obvious? We never fall through holes into anyone else’s dream, and that’s why. It’s unbroken. No rips, no tears, and no falsies.

We learned in school — there are no vacuums. 

No homeless voids bopping around the universe… Everything bumps up against something else, really, against everything else, Bell’s mind bending revelation, proving everything we believed was wonderfully wrong. Weirder than weird but not forever. 

You find more space between bodies in a tango. 

Everything Connected But Not Simple

It’s all connected in a dizzying, impossible to get your head around myriad dreamed up in unity since the beginning of time that wasn’t.

How connected to whatever, near and far? That question opens doors into rooms without walls.

“Why?” is what makes your head spin, the only question that must be answered.

And facts? In the real world, who the hell needs ‘em?

We’re here for one thing. Everything else, caught in the web.

We’re here to absorb experiences added to a pool of knowledge at play, building out the architecture of reality.

That’s it.

We’re not here to repeat ourselves or forever recite poems written over the ages. We’re here because things aren’t finished yet, and inspiration whispers us toward an unknowable finish line.

Listen and you’ll hear it.

Everything is connected.

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