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Indict Carlos Beltran for Stupid

Should Carlos Beltran Be Indicted for Stupid?

Indict Carlos Beltran for Stupid… Invent the felony, if necessary. 18 years in the major leagues, Hall of Fame career… And then, you cheat? If that’s not a crime, it ought to be.

Opinion by David Stone

I had three older brothers. We played sports, year round, but baseball was an obsession. The other sports were for when the weather turned too miserable for baseball.

My brothers taught me not to cheat. Winning’s not winning, if you cheat to get there. It’s sort of like stealing. Nobody’s proud of that, and it really isn’t yours.

Indict Carlos Beltran for Stupid, for setting an incredibly bad example.
The kid has tech, too. What lesson did he learn from Carlos Beltran?

Teaching me not to cheat wasn’t easy. My next oldest brother was two years older, but personal handicapping — that is, cheating — was out.

Two years is a huge gap when you’re a kid, developing like a weed. But all the other weeds had such a head start.

Instead, my brothers taught me to try harder. No shortcuts allowed. They were great, went on to successful futures, and they made me better.

Should we indict Carlos Beltran for stupid?

The things that drive me to seek an indictment against Carlos Beltran for stupid are clear..

  • 2725 hits
  • 435 home runs
  • 1,587 runs batted in
  • Rookie of the year, 1999
  • An All-Star 9 times
  • 3 Gold Gloves
  • 2 Silver Sluggers
  • Roberto Clemente Award, 2013
  • World Series Championship, 2017

It’s the last two that make me grind me teeth.

The Roberto Clemente Award is given annually to the Major League Baseball (MLB) player who “best exemplifies the game of baseballsportsmanshipcommunity involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team”, as voted on by baseball fans and members of the media.


Four years after winning the Roberto Clemente Award — and after making millions in a likely Hall of Fame career — Carlos Beltran was ring leader of a cheating scheme that helped the Houston Astros win the World Series.

Now, that’s stupid.

And it begs the virginity question. How many people get caught stealing their first and only time?

For that matter, who’s first time is at age 40?

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