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Feline Fun Available Now with Humorous Cat Art Prints

Feline fun is available now with humorous cat art prints, popular, colorful designs for home and office by Deborah Julian, ready to ship.

By David Stone

Among the many things cats have given us over the years – love, friendship, trouble – humor’s the most universal. Any waltz through Pinterest proves that. Here are some samples of cat artist Deborah Julian’s contributions.

Does Everything Taste Better with Cat Hair In It?

Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair In It, Humorous Cat Art Print
Does everything taste better with cat hair in it? Cat art print by Deborah Julian.

Sammy, pictured above, thinks so.  

Hasn’t everyone who lives with a cat or cats turned to discover that one or more joined them for a meal, uninvited?

In time, you learn that your best efforts will not keep cat hair out of everything anymore than a blanket keeps sand out of your hair on the beach.  Deborah takes a tender look to the problem.

The look on Sammy’s face is like a treasured friend, not fearful.

He will learn not to jump in the butter. It may take a hundred attempts, but once a cat understands whose in charge, he or she learns faster. Getting the cat to admit someone else is the boss, that’s the real problem. 

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A Gentle Reminder: Handle with Care

Handle With Care by Deborah Julian

Handle with Care is a digital collage, a message learned from cats. 

This started with George doing his thing, jumping into boxes without caution. He does the same with plastic bags.

Something about open tops fires his brain. He needs to get inside and discover the contents.

It’s funny, especially with groceries. He roots around among fruits and vegetables, searching for something good.  

Fortunately for George, there is spinach, a big favorite. Nobody knows why. But this time, it as a sturdy box set aside for packing.

Another Lesson from Cats About Friendship

Here, George’s “up periscope” look, repurposed to tease Sammy and Billy, peaking out of a drawer. Sammy reaches down after him. Maybe he wants this coveted spot.

And Billy seems to be considering the angle of a jump necessary to join George inside. 

Playing with abandon among friends sets your heart free.

But then, you can learn too…

This one sparks of discussion, because there is a competitor. 

You Can Tell a Lot About a Man by How His Cat Feels About Him. takes a different point of view. Shown together, they start debates. 

One weekend at a street fair, looking at the print, a woman said, “No, it should be her cat.”

Many women find the cat scan a reliable gauge the truth about a man. Her cat knows. 


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