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In Abraham-Hicks’s law of attraction, Esther Hicks claims a channeled entity drops blocks of thought into her head. She then interprets them into everyday speech. Does this make sense? More important, is it true?

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By David Stone

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Did Jerry and Esther Hicks Just Make It All Up?

“It all started here,” their website sings, but a look at history says otherwise. That alone doesn’t prove it untrue.

Law of attraction inspiration from Napoleon Hill
Jerry Hicks was first inspired by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Did “It all start here?”

Neither Esther, Jerry or Abraham Hicks had anything to do with discovering or inventing the Law of Attraction, no matter what they claim. But they took a joy ride on it, anyway. They birthed Abraham, Esther and Jerry say, while coasting along in his Caddy, squeezed between trucks on a highway.

Since, they’ve outdone even the legendary Reverend Ike in the art of spiritual marketing.

The Birth of Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction

How did Jerry and Esther Hicks bring Abraham, their “nonphysical entities,” into being? The truth is entangled in their refried version of the Law of Attraction.

The story is murky, complicated and ripe with incomprehensible claims, contradictions and evasions. But a reasonable explanation, relying on some educated guesses, may be possible.

What do we find when we dig into the history of Jerry and Esther Hicks?

The Whole Messy Story

What are the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks? Where did Abraham come from and how was he born? And what’s with all the deception about how Jerry Hicks died?

Three years after his death from leukemia, the Abraham-Hicks website claimed he was alive and well. What’s the truth?

Abraham Hicks Scandal

A Fable of Sorts

Because so much of what Jerry and Esther Hicks say about their pasts is either provably wrong or questionable, their stories aren’t great references.

Jerry says he’s a lifelong seeker of esoteric truths, for example, influenced by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. But there is nothing on the record to verify much of his autobiography, which is odd in itself, given the fabulous claims of adventure and business success.

Even the story on Abraham-Hicks website is provably false. It said for years after he died that Jerry was alive and tooling around the country with Esther in their “Monster Bus.”

And not just that… it says he’s sprier than men half his age, a difficult trick for a three year old corpse.

Researcher into Jerry Hicks’s history gets a sense that an eraser has been taken to the records.

History That Reads Like Fiction Because It Is

Some of his claims, such as knowing Rip Taylor from his days in the entertainment business, were denied outright by the parties involved.

What we know as fact is that, when he became involved with Esther, Jerry was recently divorced from Trish Hughes. Esther worked for Hughes as a bookkeeper. Jerry and Trish reached the Crown Level with Amway, thanks to her family connections.

But Jerry moved on, leaving the wealth behind and was already engaged to would-be wife #5 or #6 when he hooked up with Esther.

While Esther was Trish Hughes’ bookkeeper, nothing suggests their affair started while he was still married. It just happened to be how they met.

Esther was, however, married when their affair began.

Richard is a Mormon as is most of Esther’s family. They had a daughter, Tracy. Single again after four or five marriages, Jerry was in his sixties, twenty-five years older than Esther.

Jerry’s engagement as well as Esther’s marriage ended after Richard found her car parked in a motel parking lot.

A Happy Marriage and the Birth of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction

Esther and Jerry Hicks married shortly after her divorce.

By all public accounts, the marriage was happy, the pair well-matched. But friends say Esther eventually resented Jerry as “controlling” as fame and fortune changed family dynamics.

Abraham-Hicks along with their version of the Law of Attraction arrived about five years into their marriage.

By then, Jerry discovered books written during the 1920s New Thought Movement, The Law of Attraction originated there. Jerry used its tools, teaching how-tos about the wealth he claims he created prior to Abraham-Hicks.

Abraham-Hicks meets Seth

Jerry and Esther began reading Jane Roberts’s books, channeled from a nonphysical entity known as “Seth.”

Esther tells of lying on the couch with Jerry, reading the Seth Material aloud as he tickled her feet.

Esther and Jerry Hicks probably wish they hadn’t shared that history because their official tale about the emergence of Abraham starts with a visit with Sheila Gillette (then, Sheila Petersen-Lowary).

Author of The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality, Gillette channeled “Theo” since a severe stroke brought her to a near death experience as a young woman.

According to Esther’s version, they heard that Petersen-Lowary was in town and, out of the blue, made an appointment for an encounter with Theo. 

At their session with Theo, Jerry asked questions while Esther listened until, as they were leaving, Theo asked if she would like the name of her “spiritual guide.”

Esther claims she was flabbergasted, had never heard the term before. Petersen-Lowary said the name would be given to her independently in a “clairaudient experience.”

Getting the Notion: Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction

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