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Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Makes the Spring Switch Back to Good Shepherd Plaza

Saturday, May 16th, 2020, the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market reopened after a long coronavirus layoff. Delicious, healthy foods returned under well thought out and safe conditions. The market relocated for winter under the Motorgate helix, but now, it’s spring. And the market returns to Good Shepherd Plaza.

By David Stone/Photos: Deborah Julian

Roosevelt Island News

Scenes from the Farmers Market’s New Home…

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market’s new location is more than adequate, and brings life to neglected territory much in need.

Maybe someone should ask RIOC to turn on the lights. The market could use it, and they glow over empty space all night. Why leave them off for business?

The plentiful Farmers Market spaces out well with abundant offerings.
If you haven’t tried the fresh-baked breads and cookies, you’ve missed an imported treat from Pennsylvania.
Roosevelt Island appreciates “the pickle guy,” a Farmers Market fixture.
There’s a new location but no change in quality or service.
Space for all our favorites in a new, still delicious and healthful market.

Smart Planning Eases Farmers Market Reopening

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation promised a safe market and came through. Public Safety officers, led by Chief Kevin Brown, were on hand, calmly welcoming, guiding shoppers.

Roosevelt Island Farmers Market
RIOC’s plan moved shoppers in one direction, but masks and gloves added protection.

After a bumpy start — nobody was ready at 6:00 a.m. when shoppers first showed up — the market ran smoothly.

A longtime resident said, “A few millennials tried the line,” during the seniors hour from 7:00 to 8:00,” but PSD controlled volume “in the pen.”

Abundant courtesy from the officers eased compliance, and PSD has maintained that status into autumn.

Gloves and Masks required.
Gloves handed out at the entrance, along with hand sanitizer. Masks required.
Fresh Fruits
As they have since the crisis began, Roosevelt Islanders calmly observed cautions honoring each other’s health. Here, social distancing is casual and easy.
Pickle Man at Roosevelt Island Farmers Market
The popular Pickle Man set up delicious varieties early.
There’s a need for more home prepared meals than before, but fresh herbs always help.
Farmers Market - Traffic Flow
On Roosevelt Island, the farmers market reopened with traffic patterns in place, making distancing easier.
Face masks and gloves made the farmers market reopening possible, but following the rules will help it continue.
Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Breads, etc.
Fresh bread and more, enriching stay at home meals.
Safe Checkout at the Farmers Market
Wise to the end of the line, social distancing protects customers and checkout workers.

Conclusion: Roosevelt Island’s Farmers Market Reopened….

… and we must thank RIOC, Public Safety and old faithful Wengerd Farms for making the return possible.

But let’s not forget our thoughtful neighbors who made their work easier, coming out to shop and calmly respecting each other.

To be continued, under the helix, in November.

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    • Now, there’s proof it can be done safely, maybe more will follow the example. Most farmer markets around town have stayed open. Ours is run by a group that comes from Amish country, a few hundred miles away; so, it was more problematic for traveling. But they seem to have overcome that.

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