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Come on, America, Let’s Face Mask!

America, let’s face mask. Come on. We’re a smart country, aren’t we? We make mistakes, but we learn from them, right? Let’s beat this thing together.


David Stone is a New York City based writer, founding publisher of The Roosevelt Island Daily and News; author of a dozen novels, poetry and nonfiction articles and books.

Some interesting facts popped up Wednesday in the New York Times. In an opinion article, the authors casually shocked us. Why weren’t we told this before…?

While New York City’s recorded around 20,000 coronavirus deaths, similarly sized Hong Kong has… just four.

But differing results were easily explained.

“Close to 99 percent of Hong Kong residents have been wearing masks, to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus, since early February,” the authors wrote.

They continued, “According to a mid-April Gallup poll, only a third of Americans say they always wear a mask or cloth face covering outside the home. Another third of us sometimes wear a mask in public, and a third never do.”

So, America, do you want to wear the mask and be like Hong Kong? Or would you prefer a New York-like death toll weaving across the nation?

And that’s not to mention forcing parts of America closed indefinitely.

Come on, America. Let’s face mask!

Face Masks, No Obstacle To Beauty
No need to look twice. No face mask can deprive us of our beauty.
Let's face mask profile in black and white
The facts are black and white. Face mask in profile and still look cool.
Face mask seriously and never give up your piercing gaze.
Americans can face mask at work.
Americans return to work faster, and America opens from shore to shore, if we face mask on the job.

America let’s face mask with New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Stay the course, stay the course, it’s working, stay the course, stay inside, take precautions. That’s why I say that 100 times.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo
April 13th, 2020.

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Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. president Susan Rosenthal proves face coverings are no obstacle to fashion.
Let's face mask with no fear wall art.
No fear. Play it safe. Wear a face mask.

Come on, America, let’s face mask together!

Even anime face masks with style.
Face mask in style.
Face mask never interfere with style.
Beautiful hair is always beautiful, maybe more so surrounding a face covering, and look at those eyes…
Face mask in the operating room.
Let’s get real. If doctors can wear face masks for hours during surgery, you can manage a half-hour in the grocery store.
Let’s face mask as a team, and maybe you can get some art in the picture.
Let me repeat, No face mask is an obstacle to beauty.

By David Stone

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    • Yes. PSD is inexplicable. Joggers have a hard time breathing with masks on, but they could use scarfs or thinner material or walk instead. Bicyclist? In this as well most things, they do whatever the hell they want, not all but way too many, no masks, no concern for pedestrians, no stop signs, etc.

      Thanks, Brian.

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