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A Different Flag Day 2020, Star Spangled With Doubts

Among so much change, Flag Day 2020 will be different as we celebrate cultural diversity surrounded by protest and affirmations of unity.

By David Stone

Assorted Ideas, Large & Small

When we celebrate the Star Spangled Banner, this year, we’ll see it through a lens we’ve never had before. With astonishing strength, Americans are pushing hard for social equality and public respect while a brutal pandemic and a recession might knock any other culture off its feet.

The American Flag represents all Americans — in theory, equally. But as protests show, that’s far from reality.

Flag Day 2020, one for all, all for one?

Gay Pride Flag
Everyone gets to wave their own flag, and it’s not just a different Flag Day in 2020, it’s a quarantined Pride Month..

In 2020, Americans celebrate Flag Day on June 14th.

Flag Day Love 2020
And visualize it in their own special way.
Filthy Flag Over Child School
Can’t we do better than this tarnished icon?

So, how did that star spangled banner inspire our national anthem anyway?

Well, Francis Scott Key was held captive on a British vessel in Baltimore Harbor. He wrote about what he saw, and some one else fixed it up with a drinking song.

But maybe we can see Flag Day 2020 as a chance to celebrate all the protests taking us to change a few centuries past due.

It’s never too late.

Ascent With Pride Flag, FDR Four Freedoms Park
Ascend With Pride, FDR Four Freedoms Park in 2019, still the largest Pride Flag ever.

Long may it wave.

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