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Patrick Bobilin Makes It 3 In NYS 76th Assembly District Race

Yesterday, New York State’s 76th Assembly District race heated up as Patrick Bobilin entered as an independent progressive candidate.

By David Stone

“On the way to the board of elections with about 4,000 signatures,” Patrick Bobilin told the Roosevelt Island Daily/News, yesterday.

That’s far more than enough to qualify for the November ballot, challenging incumbent Rebecca Seawright and Lou Puliafito. With the help of local clubs and other mainstream politicians, the incumbent also submitted petitions, this week.

Patrick Bobilin, progressive candidate for the NYS 76th District Assembly seat.
Patrick Bobilin, progressive candidate for the NYS 76th District Assembly seat.

Puliafito, uncontested on the Republican line, is the only major party candidate on the ballot.

About Patrick Bobilin, 76th Assembly District Candidate

“I felt that we needed new leadership from the people who presided over the district. The people who got us into these problems can’t get us out of these problems,” Bobilin told Patch.

Like Puliafito, who also sounds the alarm for new leadership, Bobilin is a relative newcomer.

Three years ago, he ran against Ben Kallos in a primary for the Common Council. He came in third, but he cites all he learned and supporters found in the effort.

A former public school teacher, Bobilin most recently led Gracie Mansion sit-ins protesting police abuse, following the murder of George Floyd.

But his progressive roots are deep, and personal experience informs his passions.

Growing Up In An Unequal New York

“My mother juggled 60-hour weeks of low-wage work and died in her 40s because she never had adequate healthcare,” he says on his website.

“My father was born in Puerto Rico, and I watched him battle so much of the racism that New Yorkers still deal with today.”

He adds, “Creative and empathetic solutions must come from the people who have experienced these problems.”

That history birthed a full-throttle progressive determined to make waves from a perch in the 76th Assembly District. That covers the UES east of Third Avenue, Yorkville and Roosevelt Island.

Forward Looking Values

In seeking the NYS 76th Assembly District seat, Bobilin firmly positions himself on standards championed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Among other positions, he supports the job guarantees in The Green New Deal.

He supports universal rent control, and that means for both businesses and homes.

And in a challenge to the lip service normally ballooning campaigns and blowing away after November, Bobilin wants fully funded public schools.

Not intimidated by giant obstacles, he favors a sensical, but difficult boost to public transit with a fare free MTA. And he wants utilities, the gas and electric vital to us, publicly owned.

Conclusion: Bobilin 76th Assembly District Race

Patrick Bobilin’s quest for New York’s 76th Assembly District seat features ideas suddenly surging into the mainstream. His commitment to change is well-founded.

Clearly progressive policies in his campaign spark the contest as it brings to three the number of truly unique philosophies flavoring the race.

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