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City Falls Gentle Now On Autumn At Four Freedoms Park

Autumn falls gently on Four Freedoms Park, New York City’s most peaceful venue. Now, more than ever, the retreat calls your senses.

By David Stone

Roosevelt Island News

A stressful years softens into autumn in New York City, and Four Freedoms Park draws your senses. Lanes of changing leaves and shadows push back against noisy elections and prolonged pandemic.

Autumn Four Freedoms Park, Tree Row
Framing contours, soft borders gain new color as autumn graces Four Freedoms Park.

Tree lines shape the meadow where kites fly and garden parties welcome visitors, but mostly, it’s quiet weekdays with the city at bay.

Three centuries view. From the meadow, a look across Roosevelt Island history.

One of the most striking features is this look north as the view skips across three centuries. The 19th Century Smallpox Hospital forms a border ahead of the Queensboro Bridge, opened in 1909. And the game changing 21st Century Cornell Tech campus pokes through the horizon beyond.

A squirrel frolics in autumn in Four Freedoms Park
Squirrels free in open meadows.
A shaded path holds city life at a distance, and you can even hear a breeze rattling the changing leaves.
Sea birds on the shore in Four Freedoms Park
Sea birds rest along the shore at low tide in Four Freedoms Park.

Long views in autumn, Four Freedoms Park

Long shadows stretch across a leaf-scattered meadow.
Late day sun, autumn, Four Freedoms Park
Late in the day sun presses shadows across the landscaped architecture.
Fallen leaves collect along the pathway, and nature’s left to its own design.
Autumn leaves alone in the quiet of Four Freedoms Park
Alone, but not isolated, a theme from autumn in Four Freedoms Park
Clear light and cool air is best for showing off a perfect park design.

We can all use a break, right now, can’t we? Nowhere in New York City is there a more welcoming retreat, and it’s there in every season, not only autumn.

Drop by, and give your senses a gift of autumn.

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