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Black Cat In A Christmas Box Holiday Greeting Cards

Deborah Julian’s Black Cat In a Box Christmas Cards are holiday favorites, every year. Bursting with color, they catch the hearts of black cat lovers.

Cat Artist Deborah Julian

The image of Deborah’s black cat Billy holding out in a bright red Christmas holiday box is irresistible.

Black Cat in a Christmas Box Greeting Card.
This black cat doesn’t look like he’s about to leave.

Black cat lovers look for Christmas cards that express the special character of these felines. And, of course, they must also be beautiful.

Not only do these fit the bill, they are all handmade by the artist, lovingly packaged and shipped from her shop.

Black Cat in a Christmas Box holiday cards are 5 x 7 inches with a matching high quality white envelope. The image is approximately 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, and a border of richly textured card stock surrounds it .

The card is environmental-friendly, with recycled textured stock. Each card ships in a see-through plastic sleeve, sets gathered with brightly colored ribbon.

Inside text reads “Season’s Greetings!”

Because of this card’s popularity, Deborah also offers it as a fine art print.

Find Deborah Julian’s fine art photography for sale here.

Black Cat Christmas Cards Availability, Singles and Sets

Buy a single on Etsy here.

Set of five here.

Etsy orders are all free shipping.

If you like Amazon, as we do, find this care here.

Or in a set of five here.

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