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The well-groomed cat in Bonnard’s Bathers gets the idea and sets a good example in this parody of bathroom art.

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Bonnard Bathers with a Cat , Famous Artists Cats: The Book 

by Deborah Julian & David Stone  

I’ve been a Pierre Bonnard fan from the day I first saw his paintings.

For me, many of his pictures are as beautiful as anything by Monet, as original as Picasso and as playful as Matisse.  

Cat joins Bonnard’s bathers. Parody art by Deborah Julian.

Of course, Claude Monet is an artist more people know and admire.  One reason, probably the most important one, Monet was a daring pioneer. He, Renoir and Pissarro sacrificed greatly, pursuing their visions of what became known, derisively at first, as impressionism.  

Art lovers remember them because they revolutionized painting in France, creating masterpieces admired around the world.  

Pierre Bonnard, on the other hand, was a post-impressionist, a Nabi, like Vuillard. He expanded borders without starting a war with the establishment, which pushed back against assaults by Monet and his cohort.   

Unlike Monet, Bonnard never suffered many personal setbacks or heartbreaks.

The Cat in Bonnard’s Bathers joins a happy family…

A calm, cultured and happy family life made it easier for him. He painted without hunger pains or personal tragedy.   

The result? A sixty year history of pictures that are mellow, original, colorful and complex. Monet achieved similar results, but that was only after finding happiness in the second half of his life.  

Apart from a brief fling at lawyering, under pressure from his father, Bonnard was a lifelong, happy painter.   

Among his most beloved paintings are nudes inspired by his wife Marthe’s baths. There are so many, you might thinks she did little else but soak in the tub or prepare to.

Maybe because so many of his pictures started out as photographs, there is a naturalism about them, a casualness, even while posing naked. 

For her first cat art inspired by Pierre Bonnard, Deborah selected a painting more quirky than the others.

Quirkiness fits well with cats, doesn’t it?  

In Bonnard’s picture, Bathers, Marthe is already soaking in warm water. You recognize her from her very familiar, shapely legs, which are about all you see since the tub is shoved off to the side of the canvas.

A second bather, wearing a robe and slippers approaches from the left.   

George decides to give them both a lesson in grooming, settling in the center of the canvas, for a thorough clean up.

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