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How Meditation with Abraham Hicks May Unlock Your Doors to Source

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Meditation with Abraham Hicks puts you on the track that Esther Hicks now says opened her up to Abraham and revelations from “Source.” But that’s just one of the stories. It is consistent, though, with other popular practices.

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By David Stone

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Meditation with Abraham Hicks… how it started

In one of her most frequently — and humorously — told stories, Esther Hicks says that, in a private session, Sheila Gillette suggested she and Jerry start meditating.

This was before Abraham ever made an appearance.

At the time, she reports hesitation because she thought it was “weird.” But Jerry was far more experienced, and he urged her on.

Making it easier, they kept it simple. Neither got into lotus poses or anything out of the ordinary. Instead, the couple eased into comfortable chairs and set a timer for fifteen minutes.

“Pay attention to your breathing,” Gillette advised, and they did. Not only did Esther relax, she got a buzz.

She asked Jerry to go in for another fifteen.

Eventually, somehow, Jerry noticed that her nose was spelling out letters. Strange as that may seem, it was their first message from Abraham.

For the uninitiated, Abraham is the title of a collective of roughly one-hundred spiritual guides relaying messages through her. Her workshops are channelling sessions with Abraham.

Why it matters….

Meditation with Abraham Hicks strikes us as important because, of the several stories Esther and Jerry tell, this one’s closest to something you can duplicate.

You might even think of it as a law of attraction meditation, given Esther philosophy, but many other areas of focus are possible.

Anyone can do what Esther and Jerry did. That is, sit quietly and settle into a mellow groove by paying attention to your breathing. As a bonus, many teachers recommend meditating with a partner or partners because it’s more conducive to insight.

Whether that’s true or not, the simple instructions Esther and Jerry got are repeated many times over. It’s because they are simple and make it easier to start and stick with a practice. As hard as it is to concentrate on anything for fifteen minutes or more, you can always “go back to the breath.”

As Esther Hicks learned, the relaxation meditation brings opens pathways to inner resources and, according to many, messages from external sources. That is, from the spirit world or even from God or “Source” in Abraham’s terms.

You probably won’t start channeling in front of paying audiences, but you will be on your way to spiritual awakening.

When it’s so simple and you know what it can bring, it’s surprising more people don’t have a meditation practice.

Abraham Hicks Meditations for you…

Want to start meditation with Abraham Hicks? Here are three starting places…

In my personal experience, I prefer guided meditations by Ahnalira Koan who worked closely with Esther and Jerry Hicks during their early days. Unfortunately, they’re available only on CD.

But for the vast majority Abraham Hicks meditations are readily available for streaming in the Apple Store and Google Play.

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